Wolverine & Storm May Be Getting Back Together

Marvel Comics revealed that the X-Men’s Wolverine and Storm could reunite. X-Men books are often described as soap operas about superheroes, and even Cyclops admits that the superhero team can be a bit incestuous. It is nearly impossible to keep track of who has been in contact with whom in the past.

There has long been a spark between Storm and Wolverine. Logan always wanted to prove that he was more than just an animal, and Storm’s otherworldly beauty and majesty was deeply drawn to him. Storm can be considered a goddess, as far as she’s concerned, but her nature has a wild side and she likes to indulge herself at times. The two finally met in Jason Aaron’s match Wolverine and the X-Men They had a great time together, but that relationship abruptly ended with Wolverine’s death. Now he’s back and they show no sign of reconnecting.

so far.Marvel Comics just released a preview ad werewolves #7, Benjamin Percy, Gerry Duggan and Joshua Kassara. It’s just a panel, but honestly, a picture says a thousand words.

The current “X of Swords” events are on a grand scale, with all reality at stake, but so far the story is impressively character driven. Storm promised to be a big deal, and her enigmatic character arc saw her steal Wakanda’s biggest secret, bringing her relationship with Black Panther to a bitter end. It now looks like she’ll get along with Wolverine, symbolically accepting that her identity can now only be found on Krakoa. The odd question, of course, is how relationships work on Krakoa; Wolverine has been in a polygamous relationship with Jean Gray and Cyclops, so there’s no reason to think the two are exclusive.

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But what does that mean in terms of narrative? Wolverine has never had much luck with the ladies, and in fact most of his greatest loves are dead. It’s hard not to see this hint of romance as a way to raise the bar in the face of a major plot twist that will change Storm forever. The X-Men are at war with the sword-bearers of Krakoa in a mysterious realm known as the Otherworld, the nexus of all realities. Storm is both a goddess and a mutant, and it’s entirely possible that this experience will change her forever. The X-Men’s latest romance can be both short-lived and badass.

werewolves #7 will be available on 11/11/2020.

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