Wish Simulator: Genshin Impact MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.37.3

APK information of Wish Simulator: Genshin Impact MOD APK

1. Unlimited currency (increase on spending)// Go to the store -> click the purchase icon (click (-) to get the mod)

Wish Simulator: Genshin Impact is a gashapon simulation game based on a unique platform. The game has been welcomed by many players less than a month after its release. Wish Simulator: Genshin Impact, like other simulation games, is designed to bring the joy of prayer to Kenshin. This is a good idea if you want to get back to work or study. To try your luck, you can summon special characters. Previously, the Genshin Impact system required a fee to use. But now it has been optimized and offers a completely free level.

Will your prayers be answered well? Will you get the strongest character in the game? Although they are all simulated entertainment, give players a chance. But it is still a game that captivated the global market and created many new characters. Weapons aside, promises to bring more emotional frames than the original gameplay. At some point, you will get lucky and summon valuable artifacts. Moreover, its story system is also worth playing.

Download Wishes Simulator: Genshin Impact mod – Pray for free

In this category, it is impossible not to mention the role of prayer. As with the original Genshin Impact game form, unlucky players will have to spend resources. Neither high nor low, it’s the luck rate when summoning characters in the game. The game does not offer a free offer if you want to get your favorite character. With so many characters in a game like this, the gacha element is important. Every step in the game will be simpler if you can spin new weapons and characters. But when you want to get the consistency you need, this can be very resource intensive. So, Wish Simulator: Genshin Impact was born to solve this problem. Everything will be completely free. Players can spin as much as they want until they get the character they want.

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Hope to emulate Genshin Impact apk

Unlimited resources

In Wish Simulator: Genshin Impact, there are two resources: Love Reunion and Love King. These two resources are the primary purpose of your prayers for character summoning. For the original version, you have to search for them yourself to collect ten prayers. This is very time consuming and having to search for too long during the trip can create boredom. But when it comes to the game Wish Simulator: Genshin Impact this problem will be easily solved. These two resources will be pre-installed in the program, there are no limitations at all. This information is precious, isn’t it, gamers? You can freely summon the character with no extra effort.

Hope Simulator Genshin Impact mod apk

different roles

Wish Simulator: Genshin Impact will not make you wait for your favorite character like the old version. Different characters will be constantly updated, allowing you to pray all the time. Countless characters from 4 stars to 5 stars perfectly meet the needs of gamers. When you want to summon continuously, you must quickly press the skip button to continue, because countless characters in unique costumes will appear in front of the screen. If you want to own that character, you can drop by and bring back your collection. It saves time and is simple. Hope you will have a good set of characters in your collection.

Hope Simulator Genshin Impact android

prayer history

Like the diary, there will be a log that records the summoning history of the character and weapon. You can check the calculations and develop strategies for your next 5-star character. The unique feature of the Wish Simulator: Genshin Impact game system is the player’s insurance system. The player can still rotate 5 star objects at some point. They just need to be patient. Maybe an even spin, so history will help you figure that out. However, of course, you can still get a 5-star character for a short period of time if you trust your prayers.

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Hope Simulator Genshin Impact apk free

Invite more friends to challenge together in Wish Simulator: Genshin Impact! Make a regular time to see who gets your favorite character first. It’s also a practical way to enjoy this wish game; The decision is yours. You don’t need to summon that character. It’s all about how long you can get because the spins are infinite. Sooner or later you will have it, calculate carefully and trust your luck. Download the Wish Simulator: Genshin Impact mod now and collect special characters and items!

Download Wish Simulator: Genshin Impact MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android

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