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love never lies returned to the screens at the beginning of 2023, but from Poland with a new cast and a new presenter. Wiktoria Mleczek, who we’ll be talking about on the show, appears with Jasieka Żamejć, making them one of six new couples. They will put their relationship to the test, and the time they spend in the mansion will bring out the best or the worst in each of them.

Now let’s see more about the fate of the couple and Wiktoria in this text titled ‘Wiktoria Mleczek Bio’.

from netflix Love never lies Poland: Are Wiktoria Mleczek and Jasiek Żamejć still together?

Wiktoria Mleczek teased the series before the premiere and informed her people on social networks that some time ago she and Jasiek Żamejć participated in the show. Love never lies Poland.

Wiktoria and Jasiek seen on the former’s Facebook on January 24, 2023 (PHOTO: Facebook)

Alongside this image, he also wrote that this dog lying next to them, named Oko, came up to them during filming. She insisted that they only had magical moments with him later.

wiktoria applied to Love never lies Poland with her boyfriend, Jasiek, with whom she had been with for five years.

So as the story progresses, viewers get to know the nature of the relationship these two have. They shared the story of how they first felt something naturally “click” since their first meeting, but encountered numerous bumps along the way.

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For the cameras of the program they say that they are now grateful for those difficult experiences. Thanks to them, they say, their relationship has matured and nothing can separate them.

From the very first episodes, viewers are shown the challenges they face in their relationship. Love never lies Polska.

Thus, the love of Wiktoria and Jasiek, who lived together in the villa, was followed. But will he survive to the end? We’ll have to wait and see. Every time they or other couples lie, they will lose money. Either way, they’ll also get paid for telling the truth until the strongest couple wins the grand prize.

With that being said, it was unknown if Wiktoria and Jasiek are still together. The status of their relationship was unclear.

But apparently, they seemed determined to stay together for the long haul.

However, Wiktoria and Jasiek are determined to stay together for the long haul. and his journey within love never lies it was actually the ultimate test to see if their relationship was mature enough to survive all that, to see if no lie could keep them apart.

Now Jasiek from Krakow, Poland comes from Lidzbark Warminski. He was born on March 21, 1997, making him 25 years old in 2022.

Wiktoria and Jasiek are joined on this journey by a cryptocurrency expert, twerk teacher, makeup artist, hairstylist, and interior designer.

These couples were joined by actress and influencer Maja Bohosiewicz as the host of the first unscripted Polish reality series. In 2013, she appeared on the cover of the Polish edition of Playboy magazine. The following year, she became a competitor in a talent show, your face looks familiar.

Wiktoria Mleczek Age

Wiktoria Mleczek was born in 1999. So, in 2022, she should have turned 23 years old.

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Wiktoria Mleczek’s work

On October 1, 2018, Wiktoria Mleczek enrolled in the architecture program at Politechnika Krakowska im Tadeusz Kosciuszko. As of January 2023, she was still working there.

In her social media bio, she mentioned that she is a creative mind and a fan of her dog. Regarding his work, he mentioned that he makes looks, YouTube and music.

She is known to some as an Instagrammer known for her beautiful (painted) freckles. Her job is to tell people on the internet how to make one at home quickly and cheaply.

In the interview, she talked about how people she had just met would ask her questions like “Where do these freckles come from?”

So Wiktoria’s interests go far beyond the world of design. His great passion is fashion, appearance and music.

And when she’s not involved in related activities, she loves animals and often gets involved in finding new homes for abandoned pets.

Is Wiktoria Mleczek on Instagram?

Like most people who appear on reality shows, Wiktoria Mleczek is very active on social media. She could be found on Instagram @zombieblondie with 123 posts and 9561 followers as of January 28, 2023. She also shows snippets of her life from time to time on Facebook ‘Wiktoria Mleczek’.

That. Wiktoria Mleczek can be found on Instagram @zombieblondie with 123 posts and 9561 followers as of January 28, 2023. She also shows bits of her life from time to time on Facebook ‘Wiktoria Mleczek’.

Wiktoria also had several subscribers on his ‘zombieblondie’ YouTube channel, and on Soundcloud and TokTok of the same name.

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Wiktoria Mleczek Height

The beautiful Wiktoria Mleczek is less than 5′ 6”.

Before learning how to make cute dots on her face with growth spray, she tried a variety of things, including some henna and eyeshadow. But when they were smeared later, she thought they weren’t great.

Related FAQ

  • When is Wiktoria Mleczek’s birthday?

Wiktoria Mleczek has yet to reveal when her birthday is.

  • Where is Wiktoria Mleczek from?

Wiktoria Mleczek was born and raised in Chełmek, a town in the Lesser Poland Voivodeship in southern Poland. In early 2023, she called Krakow, Poland, home to her.

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