Why Too Hot To Handle Fans Think Brittan & James Faked Their Relationship

Brittan Byrd and James Pendergrass’ Roller Coaster Relationship too hot to handle, they may have more drama after hints of their relationship being fake come to light. The pair don’t get much screen time, but are still loved by fans for their strong emotional connection, which could prove that Lana knows what she’s talking about. The two left the retreat together, but fans have discovered evidence that Brittan may not be as single as she seems.

James and Brittain have opposing views on what they want TRIAL, because James worries about not being able to spend money breaking the rules, and Brittan wants affection, even if it means losing money. Brittain left James mid-season for Ethan Smith because he was willing to care more about her, but she ended up back with James. The two become one of the most enduring relationships of the season, and they don’t kiss until Episode 9. Brittan and James have never broken any rules and eventually plan to continue dating after they’re done. back to Hawaii.

Brittan has a boyfriend back home

despite leaving too hot to handle Brittan and James took a break from filming together, and Reddit users may have found out why. U/PhysicalCommercial68 posted a thread saying “Brittain had a boyfriend during her retreat and they’re still togetherAnother netizen added that her boyfriend “Play basketball at the University of Hawaii‘, a third user interjected, “She’s been commenting on his posts for the past few monthsSome fans thought James knew that was why he stepped back in previous episodes, while others thought he was caught off guard by the news.

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THTH’s Brittan divides fans over relationship status

Several eagle-eyed viewers browsed Brittan’s social media profiles and began commenting on her previous potential relationship status TRIAL even went out. The star of popular shows like this often deletes offensive posts and comments, which is why one user said she stopped commenting on her potential boyfriend’s page after. when announcing the casting. TRIAL Fans don’t believe he’s actually a boyfriend, but just a boyfriend she met in the same state. One Reddit user said “It was definitely her ex-boyfriend.‘, but other fans thought the timing was wrong.

this season too hot to handle The success rate wasn’t high, but when Brittan and James said they were back in the dating process, they succeeded. The two moved to Los Angeles from Hawaii and started dating again. Many fans are eager to know if Brittan and James are together, as fans noticed that she had a boyfriend while filming a date show with him.

Source: U/PhysicalCommercial68/Reddit, Brittan Byrd/Instagram

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