“Why he tryna look tall”: Fake Kai Cenat mugshot sparks hilarious reactions online in wake of New York riot charges 

The internet has always been a breeding ground for misinformation and viral content, and the latest incident involving a fake mugshot of YouTuber Kai Cenat is a prime example of this. In the aftermath of the New York City riot charges, a fake mugshot of Cenat began circulating online, sparking a wave of hilarious reactions from netizens.

A social media user @GAMERJAYG_ reacted to the fake Kai Cenat mugshot and said:

@60404 Why he tryna look tall 😭

It all started after YouTuber Kai Cenat, known for his presence on YouTube and Twitch, was allegedly involved in a massive riot that erupted in Union Square, New York City.

According to the Independent, the riot resulted in the arrest of 65 individuals and widespread damage to public property, including trashing cars. The incident quickly caught the attention of mainstream media, leading to the coverage of Cenat’s alleged involvement.

The big riot took place when thousands of people gathered at New York Square for a console giveaway event, which was announced by YouTuber Kai Cenat. As such, he is currently facing charges for inciting violence.

As news of the riot charges against Kai Cenat made the rounds online, an image of a supposed mugshot of the YouTuber surfaced on social media platforms. However, upon closer inspection, it became evident that the mugshot was fake.

The image portrayed Cenat with exaggerated facial expressions as he was trying to look tall, making it evident that it was intended as a joke.

Social media users shared hilarious reactions to viral fake Kai Cenat mugshot image

As internet users came across the viral fake Cenat mugshot image, they shared hilarious reactions to it:

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@60404 nah they gotta release the height 😭
@60404 He tryin to look a few inches taller 💀
@60404 Why he tryna look tall 😭😭

@60404 Is that top line the 4 foot mark?

@60404 Bro trying to get that iconic mugshot

It is worth noting that the mugshot that’s circulating comes from a YouTube video called ‘AMP Beyond Scared Straight.’ This video was uploaded to the AMP YouTube channel in 2022 and Kai Cenat was a part of it.

The video shows the YouTube group recreating a famous TV show called Beyond Scared Straight, which used to air on A&E from 2011 to 2015.


In the video, the AMP collective members all dressed in orange jumpsuits and pretended to be prisoners. They took mugshot photos, just like the troubled teenagers in the TV show who spent some time in prison as part of their rehabilitation.

Kai Cenat is a popular YouTube and Twitch personality

Cenat is a well-known online personality who gained popularity on platforms like YouTube and Twitch. He became known for his engaging content, which often included vlogs, gaming streams, and comedic skits.

With a charismatic and relatable persona, Kai attracted a significant following, building a supportive community of fans who eagerly awaited his latest uploads.

However, Cenat’s online success took a sudden turn when he faced legal troubles that led to serious charges against him. Recently, during a livestream on Twitch, Cenat announced an exciting event, a massive giveaway scheduled for Friday, August 4, 2023.

With enticing promises of computers, Play Station 5s, and various other cutting-edge technology, he stirred the anticipation of his extensive fan base, comprising millions of followers.

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By 3 pm on the day of the event, Cenat’s post encouraging attendance had spread like wildfire across the internet, captivating thousands of young individuals who eagerly gathered at the designated park, hoping to seize the opportunity and walk away with a coveted prize from the highly anticipated giveaway.

Soon after that, the riots ensued and Cenat was charged for inciting violence.

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