Why Did Disenchanted Recast Morgan?

15 years later ownGiselle returns to the screen in the sequel disillusionment, although Morgan’s character has been recast. While most of the original cast, including Amy Adams (Giselle) and Patrick Dempsey (Robert), have returned, Rachel Covey will not reprise her role as Robert’s daughter and Giselle’s daughter. As Morgan’s stepdaughter. Instead, Gabriella Baldacchino succeeded Morgan after a long delay. own And disillusionment.

According to IMDb, Covey has only worked on one project since. ownan episode of What you will do? 2016.Previous ownShe starred in the 2005 film Duane Hopwood. Covey has apparently taken a break from acting and, according to her website, is now a playwright and composer. Her only credit on IMDb is as a composer for the 2018 short film footdrama studio .her noise Will be held in New York in October 2022. Whether or not Disney asked Covey to return, she seemed to have priorities elsewhere so they cast Gabriella Baldacchino as Morgan. own next part.

In what other productions has Gabriela Baldacchino appeared?

Baldachino has appeared in more movies and shows, although she is still a relative newcomer. She has appeared in the following films: robbery tower (2011) and anne (2014). In 2012, she acted in two episodes school spiritThen she appeared in ask jane (2018), uneducated (2019), and an episode of Connors 2021. disillusionment It is her most important role to date and can help her have a successful career.

Will Morgan’s story work in Disillusionment?

Amy Adams, Gabriela Baldacchino and Patrick Dempsey in DisillusionmentAmy Adams, Gabriela Baldacchino and Patrick Dempsey in Disillusionment

exist ownMorgan plays an important role in the story, but more like an adorable child than a real character.exist disillusionment, she had her chance to shine, this time as a teenager struggling to move from New York City to the suburbs. When Gisele yearns for a fairy tale life, she becomes the typical evil stepmother in Disney animated movies. own And disillusionment cheat. Through this plot, disillusionment Focus more on Morgan and her relationship with Gisele than own. This works well for a sequel, as the mature characters have had time to develop. own.Morgan is a hero in many ways disillusionment. She even has her own song and her singing ability may be part of the reason why Baldacchino was chosen.

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While Covey did not return as Morgan, she did make a cameo, called “Lasia Monroe Girl”. Right after Giselle gets her wish, she meets Queen Monroracia (their fairy tale version of their new town), and she mentions one. When Giselle wondered, Corvey appeared as a villager, reminding Giselle of the festival in town. Between the Morgan-centric episode and Covey’s cameo, disillusionment In recognition of Covey’s portrayal of Morgan in “Morgan” own.

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