Why Crossguard Lightsabers Are So Rare In Star Wars

one of the most interesting aspects Star Wars There are many types of lightsabers, and each trio seems to have added new styles for Jedi and Sith to choose from. The original trilogy created the traditional one-bladed sword, by far the most popular lightsaber in the galaxy. Star Wars Get creative with light saber variations. Star Wars: Clone Wars And Star Wars Continue to expand the variety of lightsaber concept. But Kylo’s cross lightsaber is a requirement for a sequel Star Wars‘ Next exciting new sword design.

Kylo’s cross sword reveal replicates prequels, which is important, but this isn’t the first time a cross sword has been seen Star Wars. The first crossed lightsabers with the word Star Wars Legendary comics from the early 2000s. Of course, it wasn’t popular until the first time Star Wars: The Force Awakens The trailer shows that. Since then, the crossguard sword has infiltrated the classics Star Wars And Star Wars: The High Republic comics.Disney is integrating the crossguard controller in Star Wars legendary, but it remains one of the rarest and most elusive grip styles.

Crossguard Lightabers are based on an ancient (and once popular) design.

turn on the crossbar Star Wars because of the time period. Star WarsThe obsession with the Skywalker Age means that nearly every movie and show focuses on a single period in the galaxy. The crossguard’s hilt is an archaic design, which is why Kylo’s sword looks so unique in the movie. His statement about letting the past go is ironic, as he tends to be obsessed with making it happen. Not only did he enjoy imitating his grandfather, but he also studied and designed his swords in old fashioned styles.

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In the Disney canon, the crossguard lightsaber was made popular during the Great Calamity of Malachor thousands of years before the Skywalker Saga. Not much is revealed in the canon about this ancient war, but it is believed that the Jedi are trying to wipe out the ancient Sith Empire from the Earth. Everyone in the war is wiped out by the powerful superweapons of the dark side, including the Sith themselves. Remnants of the battle first appeared at the end of season two RebelsWhile exploring, Ezra picked up one of the many crusader knives scattered across the ground and burned it, proving that they were once abundant.

Is the Crossguard lightsaber better than the regular lightsaber?

Finn vs Kylo Ren The Force Awakens

It was never explained why the crossguard design disappeared. On the one hand, diagonal quills help protect the wearer’s wrist from breaking – they can potentially be used as additional weapons. But on the other hand, more blades meant harder to use; Those quills can also cut off the wearer’s hand if handled incorrectly. Only once in Divine Power Awakens Did Kylo actually use quills in his duel with Finn, only to quickly ignore them for the rest of the trilogy. Kylo has never reached the full potential of his cross lightsaber, but maybe one day Star Wars Crossguard users will be shown as someone who uses unique blades to their advantage.

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