Why Buju Changed His Name To BNXN? Meaning & Pronunciation Explained

Fast rising Nigerian singer Buju is now officially “BNXN”. She changed the name she was born with, but with a different spelling and the same pronunciation: she named one of her 2021 songs with her official her name, many people are currently debating what BNXN stands for.

Regardless, the Akwa Ibom-born singer has now made the change official, with a letter stating the reason for the name change on Thursday, February 17.

BNXN, which will be pronounced “BENSON” though the name does not appear on their social media accounts, has a new project under the name under the name.

He made a statement about the name change with a video clip, along with a caption “Anyway, it’s not ‘Buju’ anymore, call me ‘Benson’ spelled BNXN.”

Why did Buju change his name?

Early in his career, Benson used Buja as a stage name like many other famous artists.

He changed his name from “Buju” because he felt it would harm him in the future. He began his career as Buju, forgetting that there is only one Buju Banton, a Jamaican reggae-dancehall singer.

“Dear Daniel Benson, It’s great to see how far you’ve come in your music career, but Buju, last time I checked, you’re a long way from gboyada. You are not there, there is only one Buju and that is Banton. You’re good without the hat, but we need a new name.“, reads the letter that can be seen in the video on Instagram.

So the simple reason why Buju changed his name is because of “Buju Banton”, there were cases of misrepresentation, which is not good for both artists. It’s only fair that Buju changed his stage name because Buju Banton was here long before him.

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buju letter

How to pronounce the new name Buju BNXN?

The name BNXN can be pronounced “BEN-sən” or “Benson”.

Listen to the pronunciation of BNXN below.

How to pronounce the new name Buju BNXN?


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