Who Is Viorenita Sutanto? Esports Player Career And Scandal Rumor

People are curious about Viorenite Sutanto Wikipedia and her age. Viorenita “VIOR” Sutanto is an Indonesian player who recently represented ONIC Esports. Nitavior has captured the attention of Mobile Legends fans. As the brand ambassador of the famous ONIC Esports team, this emerging talent has gained a lot of exposure. Nitavior’s presence has mesmerized Esport fans, especially male followers who admire her attractive beauty and engaging demeanor.

It’s worth noting how many rumors have circulated linking Nitavior to REKT, a well-known member of the Evos Legends team. The gaming community is interested in the development of the relationship between these two characters. Read on to read more about Viorenite Sutanto Wikipedia and her age.

Wikipedia and age: How old is Viorenita Sutanto?

Wikipedia and biographical information about Viorenita Sutanto can be found all over the internet. She is from Jakarta, Indonesia. Viorenita Susanto, popularly known online as Nitavior, was born on July 26, 1999 in Jakarta, Indonesia. He is now 24 years old. She graduated in Finance and Banking from Prasetya Mulya University. Nitavior is a practicing Catholic.

Despite being born in Jakarta, Nitavior is of mixed Indonesian and South Korean descent. Her exceptional appeal, which has won the hearts of Esports fans, especially male fans, could be attributed to her diverse background. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a competitive gamer from Indonesia who is well known on social media. She was part of the ONIC Esports team. Her Violetorca TikTok account, where she performs dance moves, has over 3.5 million followers. She was a commercial model before she started participating in esports.

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He uploads gaming-related videos to his YouTube channel Nitavior, which has over 600,000 followers. She was mentioned in a story about toxic online groups on One Esports. Due to her massive social media presence, her latest TikTok video routinely reaches hundreds of millions of views in less than a day. Her videos on TikTok also have millions of views. Rivaldi Fatah is another Indonesian esports player.

Career information and scandal

Rumors about Viorenita Sutanto Nitavior spread when she joined the ONIC Esports team. Her participation in this famous Esports group catapulted her into the public spotlight. Nitavior also plays the popular game Mobile Legends. A viral video that has gone viral on the internet has created a storm around Nitavior. This video is popular now, so many netizens are watching it.

The facts of the incident arouse the curiosity and discussion of Internet users eager to know more. People usually want to know more about the content of the videos they see online. In this case, the video included some sexual moments. Nitavior has a frequent presence on Instagram under the account @nitavior, aside from her video game prowess. Her Instagram account has 42 posts and a large following of 1.4 million. There will be a lot of information to review and engage with if you follow her account.

Viorenita Sutanto

However, active discovery of Nitavior’s video presents a challenge for social media users who need to understand how to search for it. Unlike other videos, this one didn’t get social media advertising. There are only a handful of adult content websites where it can be found. As a consequence, people’s options are limited, making it difficult to get out of the situation. There are intense discussions on several social media platforms about Nitaviora’s viral video. People apply hashtags related to a video that gets a lot of attention. Users regularly engage in heated debates, express their opinions and demand the responsibility of those involved.

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