Who Is Marybeth Byrd From “American Idol” Season 21?

American Idol is back for yet another thrilling season! The show, which has been a cultural phenomenon since its inception in 2002, promises to bring fresh talent onto the stage and provide viewers with a unique opportunity to discover new musical prodigies. This season’s premiere episode will feature singers from the vibrant cities of New Orleans, Las Vegas and Nashville. Led by none other than celebrity judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie, fans across the country can tune in to see the enthusiastic panel embark on a nationwide quest to find the next big star. Set to air on ABC on Sunday, February 19th at 8:00 p.m. ET., this season promises to be packed with unforgettable performances from both seasoned professionals and up-and-coming artists alike. Don’t miss out on all the excitement!

Marybeth Byrd’s experience on The Voice was scrutinized before her American Idol audition.

Marybeth Byrd, a potential American Idol contestant, has previously appeared on television and participated in another singing reality show. She was a contestant on season 17 of NBC’s The Voice in 2019 where she made the top 8 on John Legend’s team. During her blind audition, she performed “Angel from Montgomery” and impressed all four judges, ultimately choosing to join Legend’s team.

During the Top 13 performances on The Voice, the talented singers were given a special task. They were asked to dedicate a song to someone who had greatly influenced them during their musical journey. One of the standout performers of American Idol Season 21 took this opportunity to pay tribute to her beloved late grandfather, who she revealed had passed away just a day before her blind audition for the show.

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This young and gifted singer chose “Go Rest High on that Mountain” as her dedication, explaining that it was a song that held a special place in her heart as it was one that she often performed with her grandfather. Despite facing such a painful loss, the coach encouraged her to incorporate this emotional connection into her performance, which she did with great poise and grace.

In an emotional statement, the singer expressed how much her grandfather meant to her and how important his influence had been in shaping her passion for music. She explained that fulfilling his wishes from the day she was born by dedicating herself to music was the best way she could honor his memory. The performance was deeply moving, and it was clear from the heartfelt words and raw emotion behind every note that this singer’s love for music is rooted in something truly special.

It is not easy to lose someone so dear and special. As she shared during the show, “It’s hard to lose someone who was such a bright light.” But through music, this young American Idol Season 21 contestant has found a way to keep her grandfather’s memory alive and honor him in the most beautiful way possible. As she sang on stage, we are sure that he had the best seat in the house looking down upon his beloved granddaughter with pride and love.

The judges praised her performance. Blake Shelton told her that she reminded him of his late father and understood what it feels like to try and move forward after a loss. He also shared how there were times he couldn’t listen to certain songs because they were too painful. John Legend commended the contestant for sharing her pain and allowing the nation to see all sides of her, adding that her grandfather was an inspiration in helping her become the singer and artist she is today.

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Additional information about the singer

The future American Idol contestant is 21 years old and currently attending Arkansas State University as a virtual student. She recently won the Young Artist of the Year award at the Kansas Country Music Awards in 2021.

Marybeth Byrd

As stated on her website, this young musician aspires to not only achieve success in the competitive music industry, but also serve as a source of inspiration for other aspiring musicians. With a deep-rooted desire to glorify God and benefit others with her talent, she looks forward to what possibilities the future holds. It will certainly be interesting to see how her journey unfolds on American Idol Season 21, which airs on ABC starting Sunday, February 19 at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time. One can only hope that this platform will help propel her towards achieving her dreams and impacting the lives of many through her music.

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