Who Died on Swamp People? Is Swamp People Still on?

Who died on Swamp People? This article is about the notable figures who left a lasting impact on viewers and additionally addresses whether or not Swamp People is still on the air.
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Who Died on Swamp People?

Two cast members of the reality TV show Swamp People have died.

Mitchell Guist died on May 14, 2012, at the age of 48. He was found unresponsive on his boat in the Intracoastal Waterway near Pierre Part, Louisiana.  The cause of death was not immediately released, but authorities said there was no evidence of foul play. Guist was a co-star on Swamp People, which follows alligator hunters in the Atchafalaya Basin in Louisiana. He was known for his sense of humor and his love of the swamp.

Randy Edwards died on September 15, 2018, at the age of 35. He was killed in a car crash in Iberville Parish, Louisiana. Edwards was a relative of Willie Edwards, who also appeared on Swamp People. He was known for his skills as an alligator hunter and his love of the outdoors.

The deaths of Guist and Edwards were a shock to the Swamp People family and to fans of the show. Guist was a beloved cast member, and Edwards was a promising young hunter. Their deaths are a reminder of the dangers of alligator hunting and the importance of safety.

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Is Swamp People Still On?

Yes, Swamp People is still on. The show is currently in its 14th season, which premiered on January 5, 2023. The show follows a group of alligator hunters in Louisiana during the 60-day alligator season.

The show has been a huge success for the History Channel and has won several awards, including a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Reality Program in 2014.

The show has been praised for its authentic portrayal of alligator hunting in Louisiana, and for its focus on the family and community ties of the hunters. The show has also been criticized for its graphic violence, and for its portrayal of alligator hunting as a glamorous and exciting profession. Despite the criticism, Swamp People remains a popular show, and it is likely to continue for many years to come.

Swamp People Wiki

Swamp People is an American reality series that follows the lives of alligator hunters in Louisiana. The show documents the hunters’ efforts to catch and kill alligators during the 30-day alligator season, which begins on the first Wednesday in September.

The hunters are issued a certain number of tags that must be attached to their kills. Once they “tag out,” their season is over. The ultimate goal for the hunters is to tag out before the season ends.

Most of the hunters spend the rest of the year harvesting other species, such as fish, crawfish, shrimp, crabs, raccoons, and turtles, to augment their yearly incomes.

  • Season 1 premiered on August 22, 2010, and followed the lives of several alligator hunters in the Atchafalaya Basin, Louisiana. The season was a critical and commercial success, and helped to launch the show into a popular franchise.
  • Season 2 premiered on January 24, 2011, and continued to follow the lives of the alligator hunters from the first season. The season was even more successful than the first, and cemented Swamp People’s status as a hit show.
  • Season 3 premiered on January 23, 2012, and introduced several new characters to the show, including Troy Landry’s sons, Jacob and Chase. The season was another success, and helped to keep Swamp People in the top ratings.
  • Season 4 premiered on January 22, 2013, and continued to follow the lives of the alligator hunters from the previous seasons. The season was another success, and helped to keep Swamp People as one of the most popular shows on cable television.
  • Season 5 premiered on January 21, 2014, and introduced several new characters to the show, including Ashley Jones and Bruce Mitchell. The season was another success, and helped to keep Swamp People as one of the most popular shows on cable television.
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Swamp People Cast 2023




Troy Landry 62 Alligator hunter
Jacob Landry 39 Alligator hunter
Chase Landry 37 Alligator hunter
Junior Edwards 59 Alligator hunter
Clint Landry 35 Alligator hunter
Willie Edwards 57 Alligator hunter
Ronnie Adams 58 Alligator hunter
Ashley Jones 36 Wildlife biologist
Bruce Mitchell 61 Boat captain
Liz Cavalier 56 Wildlife biologist
R.J. Molinere Jr. 49 Alligator hunter
Jay Paul Molinere 47 Alligator hunter
Holden Landry 33 Alligator hunter
Destin Choate 34 Alligator hunter
Jerod “Gee” Singleton 34 Alligator hunter
Robert “Frenchy” Crochet 59 Alligator hunter

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