Who decorates for Christmas, and generally has more fun in life

Maybe some of you have watched the series “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” on Netflix. In one of the series, the completely optimistic, enthusiastic and women follow

Maybe some of you have watched the series “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” on Netflix. In one of the sequels, you follow the extremely optimistic, enthusiastic and energetic main character Kimmy in a New York store that sells Christmas items all year round. This is your absolute dream job. And that fits perfectly with the current statement of the psychoanalyst, he says: Those who unpack Christmas decorations earlier in the year have more fun in life.

“Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” episode of the week is a must watch!

American Steve McKeown believes that Christmas fans are happier people. Two things are responsible: first, preparing for the Christmas holiday reminds us of our childhood. For most of us, a good time, no obligations, no work, no bills. It is clear to us that this move creates a good mood. “Decoration is simply a way to experience those magical emotions, to capture the excitement of childhood,” McKeown explains. “Who installs so early on the Christmas decoration, verlängtert this feeling.”

“Magic, but Jokerbet again

” In addition, it can inspire someone who is long and very intensely happy about something like Christmas decorations and mood, also easier for other things in life. He is more likely to be optimistic and ready to see the beauty in Who is Christmas grumpy, on the other hand also he has something to stop and faces his life with skepticism.

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“Although there may be some pathological reasons, if someone compulsively started decorating for Christmas early, but most of the time it is simply nostalgia, the desire to experience this magic once again or the feeling of needing to be neglected in the past, pull out the oak and the reasons,” says the psychoanalyst And those are good and healthy reasons.

So don’t be ashamed to turn your four walls into a winter wonderland – anyone who has something against that is clearly not a lucky person like you!

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