Who Are Paula Hurd Parents: Edmund And Mary Kalupa?

So it’s official that Bill Gates is in a relationship with none other than Paula Hurd, the widow of Mark Hurd, the CEO of a software company. Oracle and former boss hewlett packard, which is no longer there. The newly engaged couple, all smiles, were photographed sitting next to each other as they watched the Australian Open in January 2023.

In any case, in the continuation of the text, we will now talk about the parents of Paula Hurd, that is, about the demands of the people.

Who are the parents of Paula Hurd?

Unfortunately, Paula Hurd’s parents are gone. Paula’s father passed away first, and she was recently joined by her mother. Here’s what we know about them individually and together.

Meet Edmund Kalupa, father of Paula Hurd

Paula Hurd’s father, Edmund Kalupa, passed away on April 23, 1996. At that time, he was survived by his “lovely” family, which included his wife, Mary L. Kalupa, and their host of children (including Paula).

Edmund was also affectionately known as “Bud” by friends and family.

  • Edmund Mold Age at death

Edmund, whose full name is Edmund Joseph Kalupa, was born on June 4, 1919. So, considering that and the time of his death, he lived alone to the age of 76.

  • Edmund Mold Work

Until now, it was not known what Edmund Kalupa was up to.

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Meet Mary Kalupa, mother of Paula Hurd

Mary Kalupa, according to her obituary, was an “extraordinary” woman. Her lengthy thank you text also described her as resourceful, incredibly strong, resilient, and a true survivor who was always there for her children, grandchildren, and friends.

When she was alive, she loved to travel, was a tennis enthusiast, an avid walker, and loved unsolved mysteries. She was a great competitor in games and she loved to decorate and celebrate all the holidays with her family.

  • The age of Maria Kalupa at the time of her death.

Mary Lou Kalupa was 87 years old when she passed away “peacefully” with her family by her side on June 28, 2021. Known as Mary Lou (Stoken) Kalupa, she was born in July 1933 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

  • marija mold work

Mary Kalupa worked in various positions throughout her life. But her most memorable moment was when she co-owned and co-owned East End Pastries in East Grand Rapids for many years with none other than her husband, Edmund.

Even before that, Mary graduated from Godwin High School in 1951, where she excelled in sports and drama while excelling in academics.

Related FAQ

  • How long were Paula Hurd’s parents married?

Paula Hurd’s parents were married until Edmund left. What year did the two get married? This is a topic for another time. Furthermore, the answer was not known then.

  • Where did Paula Hurd’s parents live?

Paula Hurd’s parents probably lived in Katy, Texas all their lives. Katy, if you don’t know, is a city west of Houston, Texas.

  • How many children did Paula Hurd’s parents have?

Paula Hurd is not the only child of her parents. They have four sons and four daughters, in addition to Paula.

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The sons are Barry Kalupa (from Indiana), Jim Kalupa (married to Kathy and lives in Minnesota), Michael Kalupa (married to Susan and lives in Florida), Randall (married to Sara and lives in Ortwein, Texas, and daughters are Donna (married to John Reiffin and lives in Colorado), Susan (married to John Grinaldi and lives in Texas), Rebecca (married to Michael Ewers and lives in Texas), and Roberta John (based in Texas).

Among other things, Paula was born to her parents in 1962, so she will turn 60 in 2022.

A University of Texas marketing graduate, Paula now shares two daughters, Kathryn and Kelly, with her late husband of nearly 30 years, until his death in October 2019. After earning a net worth of $500 million, she was then 62 years. years.

Once a technical director, she is now an event planner/organizer and philanthropist and has found love with her fellow tennis lover.

As for Bill, he shares three children with his ex-wife Melinda French Gates, whom he was married to for 27 years and together for 37 years.

The Daily Mail recently reported that Bill and Paula are inseparable and have been together for over a year.

In May 2022, Bill revealed on a show that he caused pain in his marriage to Melinda, but declined to discuss details that may have been related to Paul now that we’re into it.

Running in the same circles, Paula and Bill met before Mark’s death through their shared love of tennis. Paula, Mark and Bill were photographed sitting in the same box at the 2015 game. The two also traveled to Sydney, where Bill also met Prime Minister Anthony Albanese. The billionaire also took the opportunity to take a romantic walk through the city with Paula as they stopped to admire the panoramic view of the port and see the famous Opera House. Photos of them on tour were released at the time, but Paula was not identified.

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The late Mark led computer and printer maker Hewlett-Packard from 2005 to 2010. He resigned amid a sexual harassment scandal and joined Oracle one month after.

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