White Chicks’ Marlon Wayans Defends Movie From Cancel Culture

Actor Marlon Wayans co-created and starred in the 2004 cult classic comedy white chick, defending the film from what he sees as cancel culture criticism. The daring film tells the story of two FBI brothers, played by real-life Marlon Wayans and Shawn Wayans, who donned blond wigs and heavy makeup to disguise themselves as two Brittany and Tiffany, rich and vain white sisters, work undercover on the kidnapping case. Wilson. white chick It was a family collaboration, with the two stars also co-writing the script with their brother Keenen Ivory Wayans, who directed the film.

The film’s commercial success stood in stark contrast to its critical reception.although white chick The film proved to be a box office success, finishing in second place in its opening weekend, grossing $113 million against a budget of $37 million, with critics panning the film for relying on superficial stereotypes and Immature jokes. To this day, the film remains polarizing, with audiences divided over whether it has serious problems or comedic brilliance.

Eighteen years after its release, Marlon Wayans talks about the controversy surrounding his film white chick, defending the film’s comedic integrity from cancel culture.during an interview buzzingWayans still believed that the film should not be taken seriously but rather be seen as a source of light-hearted joy for audiences.See what he has to say about comedy white chick the following:

I think they are needed. I don’t know what planet we are on where you think people don’t need laughter, people need to be censored and canceled. If a joke would make me cancel, thank you for doing me this favor. Sadly, society has reached a point where we can’t laugh. I’m not listening to this damn generation. I don’t listen to these people: these scared people, these scared executives. Do you all do what you want? great. I still tell the same jokes as before. If you want to make some money, join. If not, I’ll figure out how to do it myself. I know my audience. My audiences come to my shows every weekend and they leave feeling great and laughing. One thing about the Waynes is we always tell the worst jokes in the best way possible.

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Will a white chick be born today?

Wayans’ comments suggest that the criticism the film has attracted is due to greater recent public scrutiny of art and media, a phenomenon that many have described as “cancel culture” Although it is true white chick It might not be approved as quickly today, but the film’s comments about white women are still relevant. One need only look at the popular “Karen” meme that has emerged over the past few years, which represents white women exploiting their privilege while posing as victims, to see a comedic take on race and gender. The comments still exist.Popular nearly two decades after its release white chick.

In fact, Wayans recently revealed that the inspiration behind the central women in “The Movie” white chick Sisters Paris and Nicky Hilton claim the film is about the greater significance of wealthy white women. However, it’s becoming increasingly clear that even socialites like the Hilton family present themselves in a caricature, causing people to perceive them differently than they really are. In recent years, Paris Hilton herself has spoken out about deeper aspects of her personal life, including detailing the abuse she faced, demonstrating how carefully curated and exaggerated the version of herself she presented at the time was. white chick was made. While the film’s examination of its subject matter remains relevant, if the story is to be remade in 2022, it will have to balance the criticism it raises by providing realistic depth and inherent complexity to the characters it mocks. Not a review to undermine it, but to balance the criticism it raises. Make it more realistic.

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