Which Turning Red Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Going Red.

Not every character in the play turn red It’s possible to be a giant panda, but they can all identify with the characteristics of a specific zodiac sign. In fact, the red panda doesn’t even belong in the Western zodiac. Just like each character has a different size red panda based on their mood, each zodiac sign is unique and vibrant.

Although the characters in the play turn red Never revealing their zodiac sign to the audience, they do act accordingly.Audiences are already strongly connected turn redthe star may reveal why certain characters are more relatable than others.

Aries: Abby

Although Abby doesn’t have a big storyline of her own, her personality is well represented in her friendships with the other girls. She is passionate, stands up for herself, and is fiercely loyal to those she cares about. These are the qualities of Aries.

Aries are known for being impatient, but that’s because their passion drives them. In Abby’s case, this passion is reflected in her scolding her classmates for littering, her love for Mei’s panda look, and her determination to attend a 4*Town concert.

Taurus: Ming

Mei's mom gives her pads when she gets red

Ming is a product of habit. She had a temple cleaning schedule, a strict set of rules for Mei, and she didn’t like to deviate from those plans. Ming believes structure and familiarity will help her protect her daughter.

Structure, protective instincts, and a love of the familiar are all associated with Taurus. These are common traits found in Taurus movie characters. Stubborn Taurus doesn’t like change, and it takes them longer than most other signs to adapt to change, as evidenced by Ming working so hard to control Mei’s red panda state.

Gemini: Stacey


Viewers rarely get to see Stacey because she is outside of Mae’s immediate circle of friends. Initially, Stacey seems like your typical mean girl, and may be the Gemini counterpart in the movie, as audiences expect her to confront May in the girls’ bathroom. However, Stacey quickly adapted to the idea of ​​red pandas being her classmates and encouraged others to do the same.

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Stacey is so quick to go with the flow and seems to be able to turn on the charm once she realizes May’s new abilities, which is very fitting for the Gemini character. Geminis are social animals, they will feel anxious in new situations but will develop quickly as their environment changes.

Cancer: Gold

Reddened dad's solo scene in the post-credits scene

Mei’s father is a man of few words, but it’s clear how much he cares about his family. When he told Mei about Ming standing up for him against his mother, he was proud of her. Kim was someone who often prepared elaborate meals for her family. When both Ming and Mei were hurt, he noticed it but didn’t want to admit it to the other.

It’s definitely a sign of a Cancer that Kim is so sensitive to her emotions. He also likes to see the good in everyone around him. Cancers are usually quick to connect with people, although they may try to hide their emotions.

Leo: 4* Town

Promotional image of 4Town on Turning Red

It’s unlikely that the five members of the boy band all share the same zodiac sign, but little is revealed about their personalities beyond what May and her friends believe to be true. What the audience knows is that they love performing.

They absolutely loved the spotlight and were ready and willing to serve their fans by singing during the ceremony to seal the mysterious red panda for Mei’s family. That willingness and enjoyment of being in the spotlight, and that kind of loyalty, is certainly in keeping with the Leo personality.

Virgo: Mr. Gao

During the ritual of

At first, the audience did not have much impression of Mr. Gao. He hangs out at the temple and plays chess, but he also proves to be very important to the Mei family. Mr. Gao knew about the ritual and made a plan for the red panda. He cares about the family and wants to help them complete their ritual, even in the middle of the sky.

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Mr. Gao’s caring and strategic thinking are definitely Virgo traits. He may not be the protagonist, but virgin movie protagonists are known for coming up with plans.

Libra: Miriam

Miriam smiles and dances in

Miriam, who has many Virgo qualities, takes on the responsibility of caring for May’s Tamagotchi while May is away, and she is the first to bring May back into all their plans. However, Miriam also embodies the Libra tendency to defer to a partner in a leadership position.

While Miriam is more than willing to take the lead in social situations, standing up for her friends and spearheading the fight for concert tickets, she also tends to defer to May. Miriam and Mei are best friends, and if Mei has a plan first, Miriam is willing to go with it.

Scorpio: Taylor

Tyler in

Scorpio is often cast as a villain, and while Taylor does appear hostile toward May for much of the movie, he’s certainly not a villain. Instead, he embodies the more aggressive Scorpio traits.

Scorpios often go after what they want without considering the consequences, like Taylor asking May to be the red panda at his birthday party. They also tend to hide parts of themselves until they trust others, like Tyler not wanting anyone to know how emotional he was at 4*Town until he met the girls at the concert.

Sagittarius: Aunts

Aunts came to

Like the members of 4*Town, it’s unlikely that May’s aunts all share the same zodiac sign. However, they are not as distinct from each other as her friends or other family members.

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What viewers know about them is that they hold nothing back and are willing to hit the ground running when asked. Their straightforwardness and impatience are two things they have in common with Sagittarius. Sagittarius also tends to be the storyteller of the zodiac, and it’s easy to imagine Mei’s aunts regaling everyone with tales of taming pandas.

Capricorn: Grandma Wu

A split image depicting Grandma Wu in her human and panda forms from

Grandma Wu seems to be a strict woman. Like Ming, she only wants what’s best for her family, which is why when Mei’s red panda shows up, she mobilizes her aunts to travel with her. She was also the first person to voluntarily break the jewelry that sealed the pandas to hunt down Ming.

Like most Capricorns, Grandma Wu may have a strong connection to tradition, but she’s also willing to do whatever it takes to help her family, which is also a Capricorn trait. The best Capricorn movie protagonists have a take-charge attitude, and Grandma Wu certainly showed that when she met Ming and Mei.

Aquarius: Priya


While all of May’s friends are her own, Priya seems to be the one most likely to go her own way. She does not actively socialize with other students like Miriam and Abby. She also spent a large portion of her time reading, while none of her other friends seemed to share the same hobby.

Priya, like Aquarius, tends to go her own way. Aquarius are often called the rebels of the zodiac because they want to do things their own way.

Pisces: Plum

Li Mei in

May is the dreamer of the team. She may not have seen herself that way at first, but she’s certainly proven herself to be the most immersed in the fantasies of attending concerts and making those fantasies a reality.

Pisces is the dreamer of the zodiac. They also tend to try to escape their emotions, but they feel them deeply. This is consistent with Mei trying to suppress her emotions and control the red panda. Pisces also tend to be creative, as is Mei’s art and her ideas for raising funds in the form of red pandas.

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