Which Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Starter Is The Cutest

Trailer for the Pokémon Gen 9 game, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, introducing a variety of new, fun, and cute Pokémon. So far, eight new Pokémon have been introduced in the trailer, including the game’s new Pokémon and Box Art Legendary. Fans discussed the beginner’s ultimate evolution, the abilities they might have, and of course, the cutest thing.

There are many new Pokémon appearing in scarlet and purpleand as usual, players have a lot to say about them. Most of the new designs are colorful and based mainly on real animals, although some (such as scarlet and purpleEach version of the Legendary Pokémon) is more creative – and divisive. The public starters are a pretty likable bunch, though, and the battle to see who is the cutest is still going on.

For some concrete evidence, in addition to looking at Twitter and forum posts, a poll has popped up on Reddit. scarlet and purple The June 30 subreddit asked Pokémon fans which new Pokémon they think is the cutest. In 24 hours, a total of 764 votes were cast, enough to give a rough idea of ​​how fans feel about the new Pokémon. The last to die was Quaxly, a duck-like water-type Pokémon. Quaxly’s confident smile and feathers stylized as a pirate’s hat were enough to attract some fans, and it received 68 votes, but not enough to keep it out of the last place. board.

Scarlet and Purple’s cutest new Pokémon poll is controversial

Fuecoco Fire Crocodile received nearly twice as many votes as Quaxly, with 133 votes before the polls closed. Fuecoco’s simple expression and goofy smile probably contributed to its success. Interestingly, Fuecoco’s trunk-like protrusion on top of its head and pepper-like body led some fans to speculate that it was inspired by chili peppers and could give us dual-type Pokémon. First Fire/Grass.

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In addition to these three starters, there are three other new Pokémon listed as voting options: Pokémon Scarlet and VioletSmoliv, Pawmi and Lechonk. Pawmi, this generation’s essential Pikachu clone, narrowly beat Quaxly by just 81 votes. Fans may be disappointed by Pawmi’s similarity to other Pokémon, and worse, unlike other Pikachu clones like Mimikyu or Emolga, Pawmi doesn’t seem to have anything unique about it.

Smoliv, a Grass-type Pokémon that looks terrifying in its official artwork, received 118 votes. Pig-like normal Pokémon Lechonk was the best among the non-finalists with an impressive 172 votes. Lechonk’s simple design and darkly humorous Pokémon names have made it a new fan favorite. However, Lechonk isn’t popular enough to earn a spot on this list – if not for starters.

The winner of the poll with 192 votes was the Sprigatito grass starter. Sprigatito’s success seems simple: it’s a kitten, and the kittens are cute, and this cat always seems to be smiling. Additionally, according to its Pokédex entry, Sprigatito can give off a soothing, healing aroma by rubbing its claws together (although this is unlikely to be used to affect a vote). Sprigatito and these other Pokémon will find fans in November, when Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Published globally.

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