What’s Going On With Amber Heard In Aquaman 2?

  • The first trailer for Aquaman and the Fallen Kingdom focused more on Arthur Curry’s family and his alliance with Orm, leaving little room for Mera’s involvement.
  • Director James Wan wants the sequel to be a “bromance” between Arthur and Orm, shifting the focus away from Arthur and Mera’s romantic relationship.
  • Amber Heard’s reduced role as Mera may not be due to Johnny Depp’s court case, as filming on the sequel ended before the trial began.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom The first trailer stars Amber Heard as Mera, the titular hero Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa) ‘s main love interest. This may create some confusion as to why she isn’t featured more prominently and what role she plays in the upcoming DCEU sequel. However, there may be a series of factors behind Heard that were barely seen in the initial publicity for the new film.

in the first Neptune Warner Bros. and DC Films film reunites Arthur Curry and Mera after briefly interacting in 2017 Justice League. In order to prevent Arthur’s half-brother Orm (Patrick Wilson) from conquering the surface world, Mera and Arthur embarked on a journey to find the Atlan Trident, which Arthur used to unify the seven nations. Grand kingdom and become the new king.To that end, the new trailer Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Further developments in Aquaman and Mera’s relationship are hinted at, although Mera herself is barely present in the trailer.Here’s what could happen between Mera and actress Amber Heard in the movie Neptune 2.

Amber Heard barely appears in Aquaman and Fallen Kingdom trailers

in the first trailer Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, Arthur Curry reveals his new status as King of the Seven Kingdoms. He also plays a new father with a newborn son, which means he married Mera and gave birth to Arthur Curry Jr. However, Black Manta returned with new powers, reclaiming the cursed Black Trident and having the ability to resurrect the Trident. Die and follow his orders. To get revenge on Aquaman, Black Manta vows to kill Aquaman’s entire family in new footage.

As such, this new trailer shows multiple shots of Aquaman’s family, including his mother, father, and son. Based on the trailer alone, things look particularly bad for Aquaman’s father, Tom, with the Amnesty Bay lighthouse on fire and Manta rallying his troops with the Black Trident. Additionally, things certainly don’t look good based on Black Manta’s history in the original comics, with him being responsible for both Arthur’s father and son’s deaths as infants.Therefore, it is very likely Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom It can get pretty dark depending on how close the story on screen is to what’s seen on the page.

Aquaman’s half-brother Orm also stands out, having been released from prison by Aquaman to help him fight Black Manta and his powerful new trident. So it’s strange that Mera only appears in one shot in the new trailer, an easily missed shot that sees Mera seemingly trapped somewhere in Atlantis only to crash into window. While Mera may have been hidden away to avoid major plot points, some behind-the-scenes details help explain how Amber Heard’s Mera plays Queen Mera compared to her past appearances in the DC Universe. The role is more limited.

Why Amber Heard’s Mera has a smaller role in Aquaman 2’s story

Amber Heard stars as Mera in Aquaman

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Director James Wan recently talked about Amber Heard and her reduced role in the new film. According to Wan himself, the DC sequel was always going to focus more on Aquaman and Orm joining forces as estranged brothers and former rivals, rather than Aquaman and Mera teaming up like in the first film.conceived the first Neptune movie as “A romantic action adventure movie” For Arthur and Mera, the sequel will reportedly be “Brotherhood” Instead, Arthur and Orm try to reconcile their differences to save the Seven Kingdoms.

Apparently, there’s not much room left for Queen Mera to be involved in the new mission to stop Black Manta, though she’s been confirmed to play some sort of role (however small). Judging from a single shot in the trailer, her life does seem to be in danger due to Black Manta and his mission of revenge against Aquaman. So maybe Mera will be the one who dies instead of Tom Curry or Arthur Jr., subverting expectations for the upcoming DC movie.

The departure from Mera may be due to a desire to focus more on the film’s villains in addition to Aquaman’s uneasy alliance with Orm.It looks like Black Manta in particular will receive greater attention, as many felt the first film didn’t have enough screen time or focus Neptune. Thanks to the new Black Trident, Black Manta has apparently become much more powerful than he was in the first film, seemingly capable of killing his old nemesis and everything he loves (which definitely includes Mera). That being said, actress Amber Heard argued that her role was more important.

Did Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard affect her role in Aquaman 2?

Who won Johnny Depp, Amber Heard court case verdict explained

During her public court battle with ex-husband Johnny Depp over allegations of abuse and defamation, Heard claimed she played Mela in Mera. aquaman 2 In response, Warner Bros. cut back significantly.Despite Wan’s comments to the contrary and DC Films president Walter Hamada’s testimony about a lack of chemistry with Momoa, Heard believes her character is a “A very streamlined version” As it turned out, multiple action scenes were deleted, meaning it was a result of her ongoing court battle and accusations she and Depp made of each other’s alleged inappropriate behavior in their relationships.

By all accounts, the trial between Heard and Depp appears to have little to do with Mera’s smaller role in the film. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Compared to the size of her role in the first film. Not only should Wan and Hamada’s comments be considered, but it’s also worth noting that filming on the sequel ended in January 2022, three months before Heard and Depp’s demotion trial began.it does look like Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Long before the lawsuit, attention had been diverted away from Mera.

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