What Should I Know Before Watching Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn?

Mobile Suit Gundam It is one of the largest and longest-running series in anime, starting in 1979 and continuing to this day. With dozens of different continuities, lore quirks, characters, and conflicts existing, it’s difficult to simply jump into the series and expect to know exactly what’s going on.

Fans who want to get started Gundam may be attracted to Mobile Suit Gundam UCThe seven-episode series is known for its beautiful animation, music, and overall excellent production values ​​(as well as its availability on Netflix in North America).Overall, the show is an entry point Gundam Because it showcases the series’ typical thinking about the effects of war on its participants, as well as over-the-top mecha action.However, fans new to the series will definitely want to keep this background information in mind before starting Unicorn Gundam.

What is the Universal Century?

The Universal Century (or UC) timeline is Gundam‘s main canon timeline. The Universal Century is home to many of the series’ most famous entries, including the original 1979 TV anime and characters like Amuro and Char.This is also a timeline unicorn Happened in, so there’s a lot of history here to look back on.

Legend has it that the Universal Century began when humanity began moving its population into space colonies.In chronological order, original Gundam The animation takes place in UC0079 (79 years after the start of space colonization), and unicorn Occurs in UC0096.

What is the geosphere?

Earth circle map in Unicorn Gundam

The geosphere is the general term for the earth’s environment Gundam In the UC timeline. In the world of the Cosmic Century, full-scale interstellar colonization is impossible, so space colonists (called “spacenoids”) live in large artificial space stations (called “sides”) as well as asteroid facilities in orbit around the Earth and Moon middle.

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Since everything in the UC timeline basically takes place within the Earthsphere, characters don’t have to worry about things like faster-than-light travel or lightspeed communications, and travel time between Earth and its colonies can be managed with normal propulsion engines Gundamspaceship.

What is the One Year War?

Unicorn Gundam attacks Earth

The one-year war that took place from UC0079 to UC0080 was the inciting incident of the entire UC story and the conflict in the original work. Gundam The anime itself focuses on. The war began when a rebel faction of space droids from Side 3 declared independence from the Earth Federation and formed the Principality of Zeon.

Although the war ended quickly after the Principality of Zeon’s decisive defeat at the Battle of Aba Aku, the widespread use of weapons of mass destruction on civilian infrastructure resulted in the deaths of an estimated 5.9 billion people, and the entire colony was Destroyed, large areas of the Earth became uninhabitable. .

What is a mobile suit?

Examples of mobile suits in Gundam Unicorn

In the early days of the One Year War, the Zeon Army was able to gain the upper hand over the Federation with the help of mobile suits – 20-meter humanoid mechanical weapons capable of fighting in space and within colonies. The tactical advantages of early mobile suits prompted the Federation to develop its own mobile suits, and they soon became the primary weapon in the Earth Sphere War.

Another reason for the proliferation of mobile suits was the introduction of Minovsky particles, a jamming technology that made long-range communication and targeting impossible, meaning confrontations needed to take place at close range – a role that mobile suits were ideally suited to Consider their maneuverability.

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What is Gundam?

Animated red and blue Gundam standing in bright sunlight

The RX-78 Gundam was the first prototype mobile suit developed by the Federation as a response to the tactical superiority of Zeon’s MS-06 Zaku II. The Gundam possesses many technological advantages that give it an advantage over other mobile suits in battle, and in the hands of pilot Amuro Ray, it played a major role in turning the tide of the One Year War.

The RX-78’s legendary status means that future “Gundam-type” mobile suits (mobile suits with advanced features and weapons) will be based on the original Gundam design. The RX-0 Unicorn Gundam in the anime is an example.

What is the Earth Federation?

The Earth Federation in Gundam Unicorn

The Earth Federation represents the central governing entity of the Earth Sphere, managing the affairs of the people of Earth and the spacemen who inhabit its colonies. While the Federation was ostensibly democratic, its bureaucratic overreach, apparent corruption, and ambivalent attitude toward spacemen’s suffrage made it unpopular among some.

For security purposes, the Earth Federation maintains a number of military branches, namely the Earth Federation Space Force, and its Special Forces affiliates Londo Bell and ECOAS. As of UC0096, the Federation’s main security concerns are insurgents and separatist factions aiming to undermine its authority.

What is Zeon?

Unicorn Gundam and members of the Zeon clan.

In the mind of philosopher Zeon Zum Deikun, the Zeonian movement emerged as a form of astronaut nationalism, rapidly militarized in the lead-up to the One Year War, and in the space of Side 3 Conflict arose when the people declared independence as the Principality of Zeon.

While many characters sympathized with the spacers’ plight, Zeon’s use of weapons of mass destruction against civilians during the One Year War even left many spacers questioning whether the ends truly justified the means. Needless to say, the war crimes that Jean committed during the war left scars on the characters who preceded UC0096.

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Who are the Zabi people?

Zabis in Gundam

Members of the Zabi family were the de facto heirs to the Zionic legacy after Daikun’s death (some claim it was the result of murder) and served as the principality’s military and political leadership during the war.

Most members of the Zabi family died during the war at the hands of ace Zeon pilot Char Aznable, who made it his mission to avenge his family, even if it meant becoming a Zeon the traitor. Despite their near-extinction, the Zabi political legacy lives on, with many different Zeon remnants in UC0096 looking for similar leadership.

Who is Charles Aznable?

Gundam Char Aznable

Char Aznable was an outstanding mobile suit ace during the Zeon One Year War and the sworn enemy of series protagonist Amuro Ray. After the war, in UC0087, Char reappeared as the leader of a rebel group fighting extremist armed forces within the Earth Federation Government. Finally, in UC0093, Char launched a climactic final attack on the Earth Federation that ended with his disappearance.

The mysterious background of Char’s disappearance, as well as his legendary status as an ace pilot capable of going head-to-head with the Federation’s Gundams, have made him a symbol of hope among the spacemen, who refer to him religiously by the pseudonym “Red Comet.” “

What is a new type?

Gundam new type

A key point in Zeon Zum Deikun’s philosophy is the prediction that as humanity begins to move more and more of its emerging population into space, a “new type” of humanity will evolve – said to be highly empathetic due to three factors Mind and Consciousness: The Dimensional Environment of Outer Space.

This eventually did come to pass, but a side effect of the new heightened consciousness was the extreme ability to pilot mobile suits. The success of famous New Humans like Amuro Re in the war later led to the ruthless exploitation of potential New Humans as military assets, rather than the hope of humanity as Daikun had predicted.

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