What Happened to Dj Laz? Where is Dj Laz Now?

What Happened to Dj Laz is something that every fan of Cuban-American rapper Lazar Mendez aka Dj Laz should definitely know about, read to know everything about him.

DJ Laz

DJ Laz, whose birth name is Lazaro Mendez, is a famous Cuban-American disc jockey, rapper and music producer who hails from Miami, Florida. He is widely recognized as a pioneer of the Miami bass genre, effectively establishing a prominent position for Latin and Hispanic music within the mainstream music industry. Among his most significant compositions are “Esa Morena”, “Mami El Negro” and “Move Shake Drop”.

Laz initially began his career as a mixtape artist, and his remarkable triumph in Miami’s vibrant club scene led to a record deal with Luke Records, headed by Luther Campbell. He achieved his first major breakthrough with the launch of his debut album, “DJ Laz and the Pussy Cat Crew”, which featured the number one single “Mami El Negro”. Laz has made significant television appearances, including as host of the long-running dance music program “The Roof” on the Mun2 network.

Moreover, he captivated audiences as a radio personality, hosting the immensely popular “DJ Laz Morning Show” on Miami’s Power 96 station. Laz’s electrifying and captivating live performances have become his trademark, and he often graces music festivals and concerts around the world with his presence. He remains a revered icon within the Miami music scene, constantly releasing new music and delighting loyalists and new fans alike with his energetic performances.

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What happened to DJ Laz?

Lazaro ‘DJ Laz’ Mendez, formerly a prominent figure in iHeartMedia’s recent wave of layoffs, has officially left his position as morning host at iHeartMedia Hot AC station “93.9 MIA” WMIA-FM in Miami Beach. Mendez initially joined WMIA in January 2021, assuming the role of afternoon anchor on the station’s former ’90s format, aptly named “Totally 93.9”. In February 2022, it moved to mornings after the station reverted to the Hot AC genre.

DJ Laz gained considerable recognition during his impressive 22-year tenure at Rhythmic CHR station “Power 96” WPOW, spanning from 1990 to 2012. After a brief stint at SBS’s KXOL in Los Angeles, where he patiently waited for fulfill his non-compete agreement, SBS launched “DJ 106.7” WRMA, with his morning show from July 2012 to November 2013. He then took over the role of morning host on Cox CHR station “Hits 97.3” WFLC from August 2014 to November 2019 .

Where is DJ Laz now?

DJ Laz continues to make waves in the industry with his current role on Pitbull’s Globalization Channel 13 on Sirius XM, following his departure from 93.9 MIA. Known for his charismatic on-air presence and vast experience, DJ Laz captivated the audience with his infectious energy and interesting content. With a remarkable career spanning more than two decades, he has established himself as a prominent figure in the radio landscape.

Listeners eagerly follow DJ Laz’s distinctive style and eclectic selection of music, which makes him a favorite and sought-after radio personality. In addition to his radio career, DJ Laz also made a significant contribution as a recording artist and producer. He released several successful singles, including the hit “Move Shake Drop,” which showcased his talent for creating catchy dance tracks. His dynamic stage presence has seen him perform at numerous high-profile events and venues, entertaining audiences with his electrifying performances.

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Morning program DJ Laz

DJ Laz rose to prominence through his long tenure as host of the popular morning show that captivated audiences for an impressive 22 years on WPOW 96.5 FM in Miami. However, in April 2012, he began a new chapter in his career by taking on the role of host of the DJ Laz Morning Show on WRMA DJ106.7, a recently revamped station featuring a vibrant bilingual dance/rhythm format.

His captivating presence continued to resonate with listeners until November 2019 when he made the decision to split pending a purchase. Laz can currently be found on Pitbull’s Globalization Channel 13 on Sirius XM, where his talents continue to shine.

DJ Laz net worth

DJ Laz, a talented Cuban-American rapper and DJ, has amassed a remarkable fortune of $2 million. Known for his remarkable career, he held the coveted position of host of the DJ Laz Morning Show on WPOW 96.5 in Miami for an impressive 22 years, until parting ways with the company in 2012. Later that year, a revitalized version of the DJ Laz Morning Show appeared on WRMA DJ106.7, newly formatted bilingual dance/rhythm station, and simulcast on LA 96.3 in Los Angeles.

In addition to his stunning radio presence, DJ Laz has gained recognition for his exceptional albums, namely DJ Laz and Category 6, which have resonated with fans. Growing up in Miami, he cultivated his talents and embarked on an extraordinary journey that made him a prominent figure in the music industry.

The accident of the ship DJ Laz

DJ Laz was involved in a devastating boating incident near Key Biscayne, Miami. The unfortunate event led to the untimely death of Ernesto Hernandez, a young man of 23 years. Reports indicate that Laz was trying to push his boat off the sandbar, and in his efforts, Hernandez stepped forward to help him.

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Tragically, he was fatally struck by the ship’s propeller. During the entire investigation, DJ Laz fully cooperated with the competent authorities, and after a detailed examination, he was found not guilty of any criminal act. Despite this outcome, Hernandez’s mother took legal action against Lazo and Top Notch Marine Inc., the Miami-based company that owned the boat, seeking damages.

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