What Does Steeze Mean? Definition and Uses

Everything you need to know about the slang term “steeze”

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While talking with friends or scrolling online, you’ve probably seen both people and things described as having steeze. But is having steeze a compliment, or is it something you want to stay away from? If you’re scratching your head over what this slang term means, wonder no longer. Follow along with us as we explain what steeze means and how to use it!

  • “Steeze” is slang for stylish and easy. It describes someone who acts confident, has incredible style, or performs tricks with skill and ease.
  • When someone does an incredible skateboarding or snowboarding trick, tell them it was steeze to admire their skills.
  • Or, compliment your friend’s style by telling them their outfit, accessories, or new hairstyle is so steeze.

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