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when is season 11 600 lb-life premiered on TLC on February 1, 2023, we also met Wess Schulze. Soon, when the show began airing his episodes, Wess shared his stories, including his childhood trauma and finding solace in food. He told how his method of coping with the mistreatment he went through was food. So in your My 600 pound life travel, I wanted to change that. Could he? Let us give you the answer to this and some of your other questions in this text titled ‘Wess Schulze Bio’.

Wess Schulze in My 600 pound life

S11E03 of My 600 pound life featured the story of Wess Schulze, an incredibly self-aware man who used food to deal with his on-and-off childhood trauma. This man weighed 705.1 pounds when he started his weight loss journey on Younan Nowzaradan’s TV show. The first 12 months of his weight loss journey were documented by the creators of the TLC program as Wess continued to make impressive improvements. And as his journey completed a full year, his physique changed drastically.

Wess in his episode My 600 pound life she also allowed the cameras to capture her vulnerability. And that part was particularly demanding and not easy for him, considering his privacy.

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Wess said that his older sister (7 years old) often babysat him after his parents divorced when he was young and his father (a trucker) was often away for work. He said he was looking for food to comfort himself and that someone in his family was “very sexually abused” at the time. Once again, his method of coping with the abuse was food.

In My 600 pound life, Wess also opened up about his complicated relationship with his father. He said that he tensed up when he found out that he was gay. Fortunately, at the time he was telling all this, he was “continuously evolving.”

When Wess’s father wanted to support him on his journey with Dr. Now, he was initially resistant.

Where is Wess Schulze now?

As of this writing, Wess Schulze is reported to weigh around 477 pounds, having lost 227 pounds during his time on the show.

Wess seemed to be constantly working on his physique and his weight loss process.

In a Facebook post from February 2023, he seemed very happy to share how far he had come on his mission. “OMG PEOPLE! I just tried on some jeans… 11 inches or about 5 sizes smaller than what I wear! And they are about 1 size bigger!” he broke in

Although his success with the Dr. Now show is now pretty obvious, the whole process has been “one hell of a ride,” as his fans say. Beginning with his reduced ability to walk and fears of being bedridden and suffering from lymphedema, his first appointments had disappointing results.

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The Wess Schulze era

Wess Schulze was born in 1985. So, in 2023, he turned 37 years old.

Is Wess Schulze on Instagram?

Actually. You can find Wess Schulze on Instagram @my600lblifewess with 7 posts and 978 followers as of February 18, 2023.

Wess also provided regular updates about his life on the ‘Wess Schulze’ Facebook page.

Is Wess Schulze in a relationship?

It did not appear so at the time of writing this article. Wes’s relationship status on Facebook read ‘single’.

He looks much healthier compared to his appearance. My 600 pound life, Wess also recently humorously noted on social media that he’s “single and ready to hang out.” He said that he was looking for someone who could handle the “crazy level” of him.

Wess Schulze’s work

In his IG bio, Wess Schulze was a survivor, advocate, and peacemaker.

Until now, Wess has continued to work at the same place he was employed during his time at 600 pounds series. His weight loss process, he said, has led to some changes in his quality of life and in his workplace. He informed his fans that he can now use his desk without any problem.

On LinkedIn, Wess describes himself as an experienced claims professional with a proven track record in the environmental services industry. But this profile of him only explained his career since before 2018.

In 2018, between February and November, Wess worked as an A/R specialist at Accuworx-Gulf Coast. Before that, he was a billing specialist for a short time. space city services in Houston, Texas.

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Before that, he was a business administrator at Sprint Waste Servicesfor several years he worked as a dispatcher, customer service representative and finally as a business manager in tidal tank in the Victoria Texas area.

Wess was 345 pounds in high school. It was during this time that he discovered his passion for the theater.

Then, between 2010 and 2012, he went to Houston Community College.

Related FAQ

  • Where is Wess Schulze from?

Wess Schulze hails from Danevang, an unincorporated community in southern Wharton County, Texas.

After dropping out of school and using his college loans to overeat and substance abuse, Wess moved to Houston to work in an office. But even then he continued to drink to cope with his new depression in a large foreign city. Things got worse and at the age of 33 he lost his job and apartment and had to move in with his parents.

After Dr. Now’s help, he now seems to have his own apartment and online business, and his father lives nearby.

  • When is Wess Schulze’s birthday?

Wess Schulze’s birthday is in June.

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