Was The Hoax Caller From Don’t Pick Up The Phone Ever Caught?

This article contains topics related to sexual assault.

don’t pick up the phone A review of the investigation into a string of bizarre prank calls from restaurants across the US has raised questions about whether the perpetrators have been caught. Do not answer the phone’However, prank calls are not harmless prank calls, as these calls require convincing restaurant managers to sexually assault restaurant employees. Some of the victims of these crimes are still deeply traumatized to this day.

Netflix’s true crime show covers calls of this nature in at least 32 states, 70 of which date back to 1994. McDonald’s in 2004. As with the previous call, the caller played The prankster pretends to be a police officer and instructs the manager to perform a striptease. search of an employee suspected of theft. The caller will continue to instruct the manager to continue the abuse in various ways until the call is over – a unique pattern that many hope will lead to the perpetrator being caught.

The prank caller was never caught

In spite of don’t pick up the phone Although a suspect may have been mentioned in the Netflix true-crime documentary, the case was never officially resolved. Detectives Stump and Flaherty discover that the caller is using a prepaid phone to commit his crime. This will make tracking down suspects much more difficult than using a regular landline or mobile phone. However, that didn’t stop investigators from concluding that the figures came from Panama City, Florida. Specifically, the number of goods purchased from Walmart stores in the area.

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That prompted investigators to seek out Walmart surveillance video from the store in Panama City. Finally, one of the videos shows the suspects buying numbers. In the video, his face as well as his distinctive outfit, later identified as a correctional officer’s uniform, can be seen. Based on this new information about the Netflix documentary case, it has been determined that the man in the footage is David Stewart. Stewart is a former correctional officer who aspires to become a police officer. He also doesn’t go to work during some calls. Stewart was tried – however, he was not found guilty. Therefore, the case is considered unsolved.

What happened to the prank call suspect David Stewart?

david the manager

Notably, David Stewart was acquitted due to lack of convincing evidence. Strictly speaking, that does not mean that it has been proven with certainty that he is not involved; it just means that the prosecution’s evidence is not enough to convince the jury of his guilt. After the trial, Stewart tried to keep a low profile. Netflix tried to contact Stewart during production don’t pick up the phone – However, Stewart refused to star in the Netflix true-crime documentary. The prank calls to the restaurant stopped after Stewart was arrested and are believed to have not happened since.

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