Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Spinoff Set Photos Give First Look at New Characters

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon The series offers a first look at Norman Reedus’ Daryl and new characters. In the emotional final moments of 2022, Darryl rides his motorcycle into the sunset for the last time zombie last series. But his on-screen hiatus was really short-lived, as the fan-favorite character returned for a 2023 spin-off.

Join Reedus at The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon Will viper Star Clémence Poésy can be seen collaborating with her new co-star in the highly-anticipated set of photos that have just been revealed. New Taiwan Dollar turn off.

In the photo (via daily mail), Reedus’ Daryl seems to have made some new friends in Paris, where he went to the city (in the words of the official synopsis)”washed ashore in FranceAccording to Reedus himself, Daryl is a fish in the new show, but he’s clearly not wasting time acquiring new allies, as pictured above. Click here to see new photos.

The Walking Dead: Will Daryl Dixon Give Daryl a New Love?

Poésy’s presence in the aforementioned photo naturally led to speculation that her character will be Daryl’s love interest in the new show. Of course, Darryl was supposed to be on the show by his pure old friend Carol, but long ago New Taiwan Dollar Actress Melissa McBride chose to drop out of school. Maybe Poésy in Darryl Dixonor the writers had deeper thoughts on the couple.

Having Daryl Dixon as a lover in this new series is definitely a big move, given how weird and somewhat mysterious it has been to the character’s romantic life in the past. New Taiwan Dollar Of course, initially considering Darryl as a lone wolf, the character could even be read as gay due to his obvious aversion to romance with women. After that, the show briefly flirted with Daryl and Maggie’s sister Beth into an object, but then Beth was killed.

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Darryl really doesn’t have a true love New Taiwan Dollar It wasn’t until season 10 that the show revealed his relationship with the mysterious cabin resident, Leah. But the relationship was clearly ruined, as Leah turned out to be an enemy and was eventually killed by Darryl himself. Maybe because of Daryl’s dark past The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon Better not give the main character real love but pair him with a new French version of his BFF, Carol.

Source: Daily Mail

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