Visual quiz: you have six seconds to find a star, a pen and a cup

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Pay attention to the details in this one visual quizzes and show what you are doing with. Even if you think it’s not strange, this test hides some objects that are hard to find with the naked eye. Do you believe in the ability to overcome this? challenge? All you have to do in virus challenge today is to find the position of star, pencil and cup in children’s picture, we will give you maximum time 6 seconds. Do not miss this opportunity.

While it is true that there are challenges that are easy to solve, there are also types that can take you longer to find the answer due to its difficulty. What kind of visual puzzles will you see now? Find out here because it could be easier than it seems.

As many times, Depor joined the wave of challenges, which are visual challenges that display the time on the Internet. These notes not only generate user enthusiasm for solving interactive puzzles, but also enhance various abilities through training and brain training.


Visual quiz: You have six seconds to find a star, a pencil and a cup (Image: Bright Side).


Did you finally give up? If you’ve read this far, it’s because you’re still looking for the solution to the picture puzzle, but don’t worry. Here we share the solution: the star hangs like a necklace, the pen is on the sole of the shoe, and the cup is on the skate.

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Solution: Look at the position of the star, pen and cup in the following picture (Image: Bright Side).Solution: Look at the position of the star, pen and cup in the following picture (Image: Bright Side).

Did you like this week’s picture quizzes? Congratulations if you manage to answer the challenge. And if not, then we encourage you to keep challenging yourself with this type of challenge. Want to see more viruses like this? To do this, simply follow the following link: more viral challenges in Depor, and ready. What are you waiting for? Your moment is now.


Visual puzzles are a great entertainment alternative for users who have some free time and want to make the most of it. It involves finding a person, animal, object or number in the picture. Some have time limits and some don’t. They are also known as viral challenges, brain teasers, visual tests or brain teasers. Of course, they were all happy.

Visual quizzes created to entertain everyone. They became popular on social media due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as many users wanted to avoid infection and stayed in their homes. There, they see viral challenges as an alternative to entertainment. Today, these challenges are everywhere.


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