Virginia Fields Bio, John Madden Wife, Age, Job, Kids, Facebook

The news of the death of John Madden shocked the world of American football. The tragedy focused attention on his wife, Virginia Fields Madden, and their two children. Learn more about his wife and his children in this article below.

This Virginia Fields bio covers her age, job, children, and Facebook details.

Meet Virginia Fields, wife of John Madden

Oakland Raiders head coach John Madden was married to his wife Virginia Fields. As a family, Virginia was kept out of the public eye. She doesn’t seem to be on social media and there is no public information about her.

However, Player Wives wrote an article about Virginia in 2014. The publication shared that she had to get used to having her husband around during major holidays. She had been gone for the better part of half a year every year since she’d met Virginia. All this made Virginia have to get used to not seeing John for long periods of time.

Together they had two children; Michael Madden and Joseph Madden.

When John retired in 2009, everything changed in their lives. He spent all his time with his wife and his family. He rides on Madden’s bus, which he used to call games because he was terrified of flying and he vowed never to fly again after 1979, when he had a panic attack.

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Speaking of his son, Michael Madden (now 58) is an entrepreneur who has made his mark in the Tri-Valley. He has been credited as a catalyst in fledgling efforts to revitalize downtown Livermore, building Pleasanton’s first downtown hotel in 35 years and winning awards for building 106 senior housing units in Pleasanton.

In addition, Mike owns and operates a successful family construction business, Red Bear Inc. He took over the business in 1987. He took his father’s side business and made it a major player in the growth of upscale Main Street in Pleasanton and proposed gentrification. of First Street in Livermore.

Mike was a football player at Pleasanton’s Foothill High School and shared his father’s enthusiasm for sports. And, in an unusual choice for a would-be businessman, he majored in English at Harvard. He worked briefly for an entertainment management company in New York and later as a marketing assistant for the then Los Angeles Raiders.

Read more about Michael here.

His younger brother, Joseph ‘Joe’ Madden, a director, still owns 50 percent of Red Bear Inc. But Joe wasn’t interested in development, so Mike ran the family business. Joe attended Brown University.

How did John Madden and his wife Virginia Fields meet?

John Madden and Virginia Fields reportedly met at a bar in Pismo Beach, California. The couple later married on December 26, 1959. They had their wedding ceremony at St. Mary’s Assumption Church in Santa Maria.

Age of Virginia fields

At the time of writing, Virginia Fields should be around 82 years old.

Jobs at Virginia Fields

Teaching runs in the Madden family. Virginia Fields and John Madden started out as teachers. Although her husband, television presenter John Madden, became famous for his work in other fields, his attitudes toward learning and personal responsibility were undoubtedly a strong influence. The family lived in the Tri-Valley area for decades.

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While Virginia Fields served as one of 11 Vascular Cures board members until at least 2012.

Additionally, the 2017 YouTube video Vascular Cures shared that when Virginia Madden was 46 years old, she began experiencing dizziness. She went to her family doctor with symptoms and suspected that she might have a blocked artery.

His doctor knew he needed surgery, but before John would consent, he wanted to know the doctor’s win-loss record. Fortunately, he was good. Post-surgery, she Virginia is “back in the game” and living a happy and healthy life. The thought of being the victim of a stroke scared her a lot.

Additionally, Vascular Cures is committed to enabling everyone to enjoy a healthy vascular system – the vital pathways of the body that make every breath and heartbeat count. They are dedicated to reducing pain, disability and death from these all too common diseases. It is the only national non-profit organization that represents millions of patients with non-cardiac vascular disease.

Is Virginia Fields on Facebook, Instagram?

No, Virginia Fields is not on Facebook or Instagram.

Related FAQ

  • Where is Virginia Fields from?

Virginia Fields had lived in Pleasanton since at least 1967.

  • How tall is Virginia Fields?

Talking about her height, Virginia is said to be around 5 feet 8 inches tall.

  • Where did Virginia Fields go to school?

Virginia Feilds enrolled at California Polytechnic University, where she earned her master’s degree.

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