Viral Brain Teaser: You have 11 seconds to guess the thief who stole from the palace

It’s time to test your observation and critical thinking skills. In today’s world, the amount of innovation is increasing, but the average focus time and common sense of people are decreasing. No one wants to use their mind and just browse the web for solutions anymore. The push of social media and increased screen time also make matters worse.

But what is the solution, you may ask? Well, just like a machine needs oiling and the body needs food to run, the mind needs exercise. On that note, we bring you the next viral wisdom.

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Puzzles and puzzles to improve intelligence

Our brains are unique in the animal kingdom and the reason why humans are the dominant species on the planet. You have to keep your mind active at all times.

It is not easy, but it is necessary. Solving puzzles, charades, and other puzzles is a great way to keep your mind sharp and have fun at the same time. The feeling of competition and the feeling of victory after solving a conundrum is the result of an injection of dopamine into the bloodstream. The hormones make you feel good.

Regular brainstorming also increases your concentration, intelligence, and observation ability. Today we have one such viral brain teaser for you. But be careful, you will have to use every part of your brain to solve it.

Before you move on, test his brain and spot three mistakes in the living room picture.

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Viral Brain Teaser Challenge: Who is the secret thief?

There are two people in this puzzle. Both worked in a large palace. On the left is the gardener, on the right is the chef.

Image source: Brightside

There was a big robbery in the palace, and these two were the prime suspects because they both worked near the scene of the robbery.

The gardener said he spent the day planning and even called the fire department when he smelled the fire and saw smoke coming from the palace.

On the other hand, the cook also said that she worked in the kitchen all day and did not see anything suspicious happen.

One of them is a liar. It’s up to you to find out.

Test your powers of observation and deduction and determine who the thief is – the chef or the gardener.

Look at the picture carefully. All the clues are right in front of you.

So are you ready to find the thief? Relax your mind, take a deep breath and dive in!

You only have 11 seconds before the thief runs away. Therefore, Hurry up!

Your time starts now!

Viral Brain Teaser The Solution Thief Challenge Revealed

Did you find the palace thief in 11 seconds? We hope so. Match your answers with us.

Solution for Viral Brain Teaser challenge

The palace thief is a chef. Remember when she said she didn’t leave the kitchen all day? Well, that’s not possible because the cake burned behind her back. She must have gone to loot the palace and the gardener also smelled something burning nearby. Since we know the palace doesn’t hire lousy bakers, the only possible explanation is that she’s a bandit.

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Did you come to the same conclusion? Then a big congratulations. Check out the suggested brainstorming challenges below.

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