Videotapes. He is still a obedient big dog because his family has moved to another place

A dog named Pumba is a dog that is loved by its owners. They take care of the dog as if it were their favorite pet.

But the dog couldn’t even think that the owners would leave it. Unfortunately, the dog was getting old and his family had to move elsewhere.

The family didn’t even think about bringing the dog. The dog thinks they are going somewhere on vacation and will be back soon.


Unfortunately, that was not true. The only truth is that his family abandoned him. The dog realized the truth and became confused. The family he thought he would leave forever has left him.

The dog waited and did not lose hope, but in vain. Neighbors give roaming dogs food. After a few months, Nada za Paws took the dog to an animal shelter to take care of the dog.


The staff had a hard time convincing the dog to go with them. When the dog realizes that they just want to help it, it only comes to them that time.

Now the dog lives happily in its foster home. He is cared for and loved. He is well fed. Pumbaa is happy with where he is because he feels safe.

Here is the video:

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