Videotapes. A cute and amazing dog saved his owner by pulling him out of a horrible coma and giving him a second chance at life.

A rescued hound returns the favor and rescues its owner, giving the owner a second chance.

It was able to bring back the life of its owner. A smart dog did it that way. He brought his master back from a coma.

Cute creature that knows how to do everything for its owner. The dog’s owner is Andy Szasz.

Andy Szasz was brought to the clinic with a pulmonary fever. He also has a co-ma-related problem. He also had gastrointestinal cancer.


One of Andy’s friends named Estelle brought his lovely dog ​​Teddy to the medical center to assist in his friend’s recovery, even though he did a lot for his owner. In the UK, this adorable dog was commended for his actions with the Animal Honor Award at the official RSPCA.

Here is a touching video of this encounter.

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