Venom Finally Destroys Spider-Man in New Fanart From DC Artist

When it comes to Spider-Man villains, Venom is one of the most ruthless opponents Marvel’s wallcrawler has ever faced, and now, in a new piece of fan art from a DC artist Comics was critically acclaimed, Venom finally got his hands on him. in visually stunning fashion!

Shared on social media via Doug Mahnke’s (@thedougmahnke) official Instagram account, the “DC Comics senior artist” is one of the most brilliant talents in comics, contributing many more than his fair share of DC properties over the years Share, including but not limited to Green Lantern, Batman, Superman, The Flash, etc. Swamp Thing: Green Hell Along with writer Jeff Lemire, Doug also took the time to post fan art sketches of other Marvel comics characters, such as Spider-Man and Venom, Doctor Doom, and Wolverine’s X in the post. write this Weapon iterations, and even the vengeful soul itself, Ghost Rider!

Venom has been an integral part of nerd culture since the late ’80s, and ever since Spider-Man started spoiling him in ways he didn’t appreciate, Venom sheds the costume. his slimy symbiote and the Venom became a thorn in Spider-Man’s eye. the Lower side. Eddie Brock’s Venom has finally forged an inseparable bond with the alien suit, going from outspoken villain to reluctant anti-hero to a full-blown superhero who is now holds the final title of King in Black; The long and winding journey has made him stronger than ever.

Spider-Man can’t be compared to Venom in the new Fanart

Perched on a dusty chimney against the dark cityscape in the background, Venom crouched in all the glory of his superior strength and veins, with a triumphant growl, baring his teeth in display. perfect his more sinister nature. Doug hugs limp Spider-Man, looks out over his city, and sketches Spider-Man with body language that makes him look frozen or worse, dead like a nail. Coloring in each character’s signature costume tones, Doug shaded and sketched his artwork in a way that made Venom stand out on the page, turning this belated victory over Spider-Man into a victory. breathtaking on the visual and artistic level.

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So while Doug Mahnke (@thedougmahnke) may never get the chance to paint Marvel’s friendly neighborhood superhero like a pro, it’s still a worthwhile trade-off for him to treat countless fans and followers with some amazing original artwork. Spider-Man may have hit Venom more than Eddie Brock is willing to admit, but at least in this piece of fan art, the iconic death guard is the undisputed champion!

Source: @thedougmahnke

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