Velma Show Follows Through On Her Recent Scooby-Doo Movie Reveal

Warning: The following contains spoilers Velma Season 1. Dark scooby doo series Velma It follows in the footsteps of another recent project in the series, which revealed its version of Velma Dinkley and Daphne Black to be bisexual.For decades, animation fans have joked that the original Velma was a lesbian, and several scooby doo Both the series and the movie hint that this is the case. Velma’s LGBTQ+ identity finally confirmed in 2022 video film Make trouble for Scooby Doo, But HBO Max’s Velma Upping the ante, establishing Daphne and Velma as bisexual.

new Velma Despite the controversy, the series has proven to be a success. While the show’s first two episodes garnered the highest ratings of any original animated series on HBO Max, the show also faced criticism from those who questioned the need for an R rating. scooby doo A spin-off of what was done for the classic cartoon series riverdale Did it for Archie Comics. Velma The show has been renewed for a second season despite having an extremely low audience rating on IMDB and an outcry over the show’s divergence from previous seasons.

How Velma established the title character’s bisexuality

pilot episode Velma Different dynamics were established for their versions of Daphne and friends ever, as in the classic scooby doo In the comics, after Velma’s mother mysteriously disappeared, the two drifted apart. Velma starts shutting out everyone who tries to solve the mystery, while Daphne feels rejected and becomes involved with a gang of mean girls, becoming the queen bee of Crystal Cove High. The two remain frenemies until Daphne kisses Velma, initially to break her out of her nightmarish delusions. However, it soon became apparent that there was some sort of romantic attraction between the two, making both Daphne and Velma bisexual.

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The two discussed their feelings Velma The third episode, “Velma Kai,” finally decides that they should just be friends for now. This decision was made in part because both girls had a lot of personal baggage to resolve before they could consider a relationship, with Velma still searching for her missing mother and adopted Daphne searching for her birth parents. They also confirmed that they liked each other and had a mutual attraction to Daphne’s ex-boyfriend Fred Jones, confirming their bisexuality.

Velma Dinkley has a history as an LGBTQ+ icon

Velma Dinkley and Hot Dog Water Marcie Fleach Mystery Incorporated Pride Flag

While this marks the first time Daphne Blake has been firmly established as LGBTQ+ at any event scooby doo Depending on the adaptation, different versions of Velma were teased as bisexual or lesbian in the years leading up to 2022 Trick or treat Scooby Doo. Original work by James Gunn scooby doo The purpose of the film’s script was to expose Velma, although the scene confirming Velma’s love for women was cut from the finished film. Scooby-Doo!Mystery Inc. Producer Tony Cervone similarly confirmed that he had always viewed Velma as a lesbian and hinted at it on the show, posting a photo of her and her implied love interest Marcie “Hot Dog Water” Fleach on Instagram in 2020 pride themed photo.

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