Valheim: How To Get Guck

*March 13, 2023: Updated for Xbox release to include more related information and links to related tutorials.

Players can find and collect a large number of resources in different biomes walheim, although some are clearer and more accessible than others. For example, resources such as copper and stone are found outdoors and are therefore easier to obtain than iron and silver, which generate more often below the surface. Players who have been to the swamp biome may have noticed the glowing green substance on the trees. It’s easy to think of these as just decoration around, but they serve a larger purpose; These are backpacks. Players can dig out the extremely valuable Guck crafting material from it.

Guck is used to craft Standing Green Burning Iron Torch, Green Banner, and Draugr Fang Bow, one of the best weapons in the game. When players first arrive at the swamp biome, they may not be ready to craft Gucks yet, but they should plan on collecting some of these valuable resources and keeping them later in the game. Many Gucksacks spawn on tall tree trunks, so players will need to build and climb to reach them. They cannot be harvested with a bow like beehives. Here’s how to get Guck in walheim and how players use it.

How to breed gucks in the Valheim swamp

To get Guck, the player will need enough wood to craft a small shelter and a workbench, as well as an ax or a pickaxe. They can go into swamps and look for Gucksacks on tree trunks. Each tree can have more than one tree and due to their sickly green color they are easy to spot.

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Once players find a place to harvest lots of Guck, they can build their shelter and workbench. Then they need to make ladders or steps near each tree to get all the Gucksacks. Unfortunately, these trees cannot be cut down for easy access, so players will need to do some climbing.

Before climbing, the player should scout the surrounding area for any long-range damage creatures that can knock them off the ladder or kill them. When the shoreline is clear, the player can climb up and use an ax or a pickaxe to pound the Gucksack until it spawns a Guck. They can keep doing this on every tree until they have enough supplies, then destroy all equipment to get the wood back.

Used for Guck in Valheim

Valheim's Swamp Biome

Guck is used to craft three items. It can be used as a crafting material and fuel for a vertical blue-burning iron torch, which can be used as a light source near the furnace. Players will also need Guck as a dye to create green banners for their buildings, which will increase their comfort level by one level. Finally, players can use Guck to craft the Draugr Fang, one of the better late-game bow types, allowing the weapon to deal poison damage in addition to penetrating damage.

The recipe for each dish is as follows:


necessary materials

crafting station


20 Silver, 10 Ancient Bark, 10 Gurk, 2 Deer Skin


The iron torch burns green

2 Iron, 2 grams


green banner

6 Scrap Leather, 2 Good Wood, 1 Guck


The player can easily store and transport the Guck, so once they have it, they will keep it until they use it to craft.

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