Valheim: How To Get Eitr

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*March 13, 2023: Updated for Xbox release to include more related information and links to related tutorials.

Eitr is found in Latest walheim Biome, the land of fog. Once the player has built a ship and begins to explore the ocean, they will notice that the islands are arranged into a divided archipelago. Map generation is random, but still follows a common set of rules. The spawn location is always in the Meadow biome, the central island of the circular world map, which is the safest biome and all islands are made up of several small biomes.

Compared to other games, Valheim’s map is like a dart board, and the grass is the focal point, with biomes that get harder and harder the further you go from the center. The Mistlands are by far the most challenging area, players will only find islands with biomes far from the spawn point.

How to Find Sap and Tweak Eitr

The hardest part about making Eitr isn’t dying. Like venturing into any biome for the first time, there is an extremely difficult jump and is only exacerbated by not being able to see anything. The Misty Land is actually foggy, and it’ll be hard for players to find Ancient Roots that have the same glowing green texture as Yggdrasil. The sap extractor needs to be placed at the base, the sap can be harvested just like honey.

Galdr Table and Rune Table are the necessary locations to craft weapons, but like walheim, there are several new materials, crafting stations, and stages of improvement before creating any usable products. The juicer must be built to build the Eitr refiner to generate the necessary Eitr walheim Weapon crafting chair. Although the refining of Eitr uses a different building, the idea is the same as metal refining. The sap goes into the refinery, the soft tissue is used as fuel, and the refined Eitr is born.

architecture industry

necessary materials

squeeze juice

Yggdrasil Wood x10, Black Metal x5, Dvergr Extractor x1,

oil factory

Black Marble x5, Yggdrasil Wood x10, Black Core x5, Black Metal x20, Resin x3,

electronic board

Refined Eitr x5, Black Core x5, Wood Yggdrasil x20, Black Metal x 10

rune board

Black Marble x10, Wood Yggdrasil x5, Refined Eitr x10

  • Yggdrasil Wood is mined with a black metal ax from any Yggdrasil (small tree) branch in the Mist
  • Black marble can be quarried from petrified bones in the Dvergr settlement with a black metal pickaxe.
  • Black Cores can be found in Infested Mines in the Mists
  • The sap is harvested from a sap extractor placed on ancient stumps
  • The Dvergr Extractor is in a chest in the Dvergr . settlement
  • Ferrous Metals are crafted from scrap Ferrous Metals found in the Plains . biome
  • Soft tissue is the fuel for the refiner Eitr, mined from petrified bone

Where to Find Black Marble and Dvergr . Extractors

Eitr Refiner Valheim's Chest and Petrified Bones

Dvergr extractor and black marble can only be found in by Waalheim Dvergr’s settlements are scattered throughout the Mists. Dvergr are dwarf-like creatures that do not attack when seen. They are tolerant of the player until they become angry, which is unfortunate as collecting Extractors and Marble will make them angry. walheimGlow chests containing extractors cannot be opened and must be broken, as guards are located in the settlement and black marble is quarried from petrified bones in the center of some of the larger settlements. Attempting to stealthily mine or break the chest won’t work, so the dwarves should be killed before mining or breaking the chest.

It is highly recommended to build an outpost or makeshift base near the biome, as players will spend a lot of time fine-tuning in the Fog, even when using Portals. Finding a safe spot in a biome is difficult because there are fewer flat surfaces and even fewer places where there are no enemies, so a biome at the border might be a better location. . a beautiful, quiet place walheim It would be a relief to return home from being attacked by newly introduced searchers and covered with ticks for the hours it took to set up the Eitr refining facility.

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    Platform: PC

    Release time: 2021-02-02

    Developer: AB . Iron Gate

    Publisher: Coffee Stain Publishing

    Genre: Survival, Sandbox

    ESRB: Male

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