Valheim: How To Get Chitin (& What It’s For)

*March 13, 2023: Updated for Xbox release to include more related information and links to related tutorials.

There are a lot of craft resources walheim, each of which can be used to craft a variety of tools, weapons, and armor to make survival in the Nordic Tenth World a little easier. Most resources are easy to find, such as Stone, Bronze, Barley, and even Guck. Others are more hidden, such as scrap iron, silver and ferrous metals.

a resource in walheim Very stealthy and found only on the back of Kraken (Leviathans), Kraken (Leviathans) are massive, non-aggressive monsters that form small islands in the ocean. Kraken develops nodes called Abyssal Barnacles from which players can mine Chitin.

Since the Kraken sinks and floats randomly, it’s almost impossible to predict when a player will find it. Additionally, whenever the player attempts to exploit the Deep Sea Barnacles for Chitin, they risk attracting Siren’s attention and sinking beneath the waves, forcing the player to return to their ship. Chitin is used to make two relatively powerful weapons, one of which is very useful when hunting sea snakes. Players need to build a good ship and prepare to find these inhabited islands in the sea. This is how to grow chitin walheim.

Where to find Chitin in Valheim

First step in chitin mining walheim is to build a sailboat better than a standard raft. Players may at least want to build more powerful Karve ships. These boats are a step up from rafts, making them cheap and easy to build, but still offer a certain amount of speed and durability.

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Players will also need a decent pickaxe, so it’s best to wait until you’ve first found iron and craft an iron pickaxe. Although this is not required, it will help players mine faster.

Once the player has these two, they should proceed to the ocean until the map label says Ocean. They need to watch out for sea snakes, which may try to crash into the boat. Karve can take a few hits, but not many, and if the player is not careful, they can get stuck in the water.

How to mine chitin

A player mines chitin from deep-sea oysters on the back of a Kraken in Valheim

When navigating the ocean, players need to keep an eye out for small, circular, slightly dome-shaped islands with a tree or two on them. These are Krakens and players will want to get as close as possible and keep the boat’s ladder facing the creature in case it drowns and they need to escape quickly.

The player will see large round lumps on the Kraken’s back with a brown stone in the center, usually in groups of three. These are Abyssal Oysters that the player can use the Pickaxe to get Chitin. They need to keep an eye on their fitness, in case the Kraken starts to sink, they need to swim back to the boat.

Each oyster mined by the player has a 10% chance of causing the Kraken to run away.

If the Kraken is about to sink, it will howl to signal movement. The player will have 20 seconds to escape before the Kraken disappears. They can keep searching for marine biomes and find as many Krakens as possible to mine all the chitin they need.

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Using chitin in Valheim

There are two items that can be crafted from chitin Wahlheim:

  1. Deep Sea Harpoon: (30 Chitin, 8 High Quality Wood and 3 Pieces of Leather)
  2. Abyssal Razor: (20 Chitin, 4 High Quality Wood and 2 Pieces of Leather)

First and foremost is the Abyssal Harpoon, which is used to wrap around the Sea Serpent to obtain Snake Scales to craft the Snake Scale Shield.

The player can also use chitin to craft the Abyssal Razor, a beautiful knife that can be used as a weapon. To craft it, the player needs a Level 4 Workbench. More items that require chitin may be added in future updates.

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