Valheim: How To Destroy Items

*March 13, 2023: Updated for Xbox release to include more related information and links to related tutorials.

Resource collection and inventory management are walheimand players can collect more items than they want to use. Some players get creative with storage, using construction techniques to stack boxes around their homes, or build entire structures dedicated to storing food, tools, and raw materials. Sometimes, however, players may just want to get rid of items they don’t use, such as extra versions of low-level tools or tons of wood or stone. Thankfully, over the past few years the game has developed new features that make inventory management easier, and one such tool is the Obliterator.

*The information below may be outdated and no longer relevant.

Players can still remove unwanted items in a number of ways. While they can’t completely destroy tools and get raw materials back, or destroy raw materials in general, they can dispose of leftovers to avoid cluttering up inventory or returning to base chests. It is also possible to discard items in such a way that the player does not have to worry about accidentally picking them up. Here are some ways players have found to destroy items walheim.

How to drop items in Valheim

in reducing clutter walheim, the Vikings had a few options. Before the inventory weight limit was increased, the easiest way to get rid of items was to throw a pile of them. To do this, the player needs to left-click on the item in the inventory, move the cursor outside the inventory box, and click again. Their Vikings would throw piles of items on the ground. Running through piles of items will not be picked up again. Instead, players will need to intentionally get the item back by pressing E to add it back to their inventory.

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If a player drops an item near their base, it will take longer for them to appear. However, items thrown at various locations will decompose and disappear after a few days of play.

In addition to simply dropping items on the ground, players can also choose to drop them in ocean biomes. Throwing items into deep water will essentially lose them forever, as there is currently no way to get to the bottom of the ocean and get these items, nor does swimming through them count. Players need to make sure they really don’t want these items before going this route.

places for sale in waalheim

Forest merchant Valheim

Depending on the items the player wants to get rid of, they can be sold to the merchant Haldo. He tends to accept valuables like rubies, pearls, and ambers, which currently serve no purpose in the game other than trading. These items are easily sold, and coins can be used to purchase other more useful items, including the coveted Megingjord, a carry-weight adjustable belt. However, Haldor currently has a limited number of items for sale, so players can reach a point where they can no longer buy anything from him.

Other ways to remove items in Valheim

control command

There are some unofficial options to help players deal with unwanted inventory walheim. The first is through fraud. Players can use the F5 key to open the console, enter the code “imcheater” to trigger cheat and console commands, as well as “removeddrops” to remove any nearby dropped items. There is currently no way to get items back after using this method, so players need to make sure they’ve obtained all the items they really want to keep before entering this code.

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Valheim’s regime

Modders also introduced an inventory management system to walheim. Created by aedenthorn on Nexus Mods, the Discard Inventory Items mod activates the delete key or any other hotkey preferred by the player, which permanently deletes from the game any inventory items the player has loaded on their pointers. Players can even use this mod on inventory stacks to remove parts of items. Whenever a player wants to discard a crafted item with this mod installed, they will get back the resources used to create it. Those who choose to use this mod should note that there is no confirmation message when permanently removing an item from the game, so use extreme caution when pressing the hotkey.

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