V Rising: Every Cave Entrance (& How to Use Them)

Caves are also known as caves V increases, is a one-way fast travel in which vampires enter through the entrance and exit the exit. These passages form a network of places marked on Vardoran’s map that can instantly transport an adventurer to another part of the world. Interact with the cave entrance V increases, the player must briefly press the F key, then they will be teleported to the opposite side of the underground passage. This feature is available for free and can be performed without combat.

The core advantage of Cave Passages over Vampire Waygates is that Caves allow the player to take all the resources with them on the journey. Waygates has strict restrictions on item ownership, requiring players to remove any materials or items with the public tag “Unteleportable”. The exceptions to this rule are equipment or certain consumables. Cavern systems, on the other hand, have no such limitations, allowing vampire adventurers to do what they want through their underground tunnels.

However, the main drawback of the Cave Passages is that compared to Vardoran’s ten Vampire Gates, there are only four on the map, not including the Gate that the player can create themselves after killing Feywalker Polora. Also, as mentioned above, each passage is a one-way trip, as the exits are on rock ledges inaccessible to bats or frogs. However, the player can choose to return to the cave entrance, as long as they haven’t come down from the exit.

All cave entrance and exit locations in V Rising

Given the aforementioned caveats, a sensible strategy is to plan group trips, mining expeditions, or crowds that pop up around these passages, especially if your castle a person away from the targeted resource or crowd. Naturally, it’s not always possible to build bases near caves, especially on crowded servers. After all, people living near heavily visited hotspots (such as caves) on PvP servers may be at risk with hostile partners, but this tactic is useful for V increases.

These are the four cave passages V increasesincluding the location of each entry and exit:

  • Cave 1 – Entrance: North of Emberleaf Grove, Silverlight Hills | Exit: Near Bear’s Cave, Farbane Forest
  • Cave Section 2 – Entrance: East of the Damn Weaver’s Lair in the Damn Forest | Exit: Bandit’s sulfur quarry near Farbane Forest
  • Cave Section 3 – Entrance: Northwest of the Haunted Iron Mine at Dunley Farm | Exit: South of the Bandit Logging Camp at Farbane Woods
  • Cave Section 4 – Entrance: East of the Old Village East of the Cursed Forest | Exit: Northwest of Dunley Farmlands Bedrock Pass
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V increases Available in Early Access on Steam.

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