UP woman, 46, sets world record with 7 ft 9 in long hair

A woman from Uttar Pradesh, India has set a world record for the longest hair on a living person. Smita Srivastava (46) has 7 feet 9 inches long hair which she has been growing since she was 14 years old. Smita’s hair growth was inspired by her mother, and it was also influenced by Indian actresses from the 1980s who had long and beautiful hair.

Smita Srivastava holds a certificate from the Guinness Book of Records. (GWR)

“In Indian culture, goddesses traditionally had very long hair. In our society, cutting hair is considered unfavorable, so women let their hair down. Long hair emphasizes the beauty of women,” Smita told the Guinness Book of World Records (GWR).

According to GWR, Smita washes it twice a week and then towel dries it before combing and styling it. She combs her hair while standing on the bed with the sheet underneath.

After entering the record books, Smita said, “God answered my prayers.”

Check out the post they shared from Guinness World Records here:

The post was shared a few hours ago. It has since been viewed by over 3.9 million people and is still growing. Additionally, the post has garnered more than 20,500 likes and tons of comments.

See how people reacted to this video:

“It’s you Rapunzel,” one person posted.

Another added, “Indian Rapunzel.”

“She should share her products and routine,” commented a third.

A fourth wrote: “Every woman’s dream.”

“I can imagine how long her hair would be if she never cut it,” remarked a fifth.

A sixth joined in, “Wowo,” while a seventh expressed, “Congratulations.”

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