Tulsa King: What Did Nico Do To Dwight’s Daughter Tina?

Content warning: The following article discusses sexual violence

warning! This article contains spoilers for King Tulsa Part 1, Episode 5!

exist king tulsa, Dwight “The General” Manfredi brutally and unintentionally kills Nico “Package” Bugliosi because of what Nico did to Dwight’s daughter Tina. Dwight and Tina’s first reunion at the funeral of Joey, Dwight’s brother, did not go well for Dwight, who has been estranged from his daughter since he stopped calling her from prison. However, when Dwight confronts Tina at his New York flower shop, and when Tina inadvertently reveals a horrific past involving Nico, Dwight realizes reality is even harsher.

in spite of king tulsa Season 1, episode 5, “Token Joe” is Tina’s first encounter with king tulsa Actress, Tina needs no introduction in order for viewers to recognize her as Dwight’s daughter, as she has been discussed a lot on the show when alluding to the deep trauma she suffered in Dwight’s absence. . When Dwight admits to himself that he no longer sees and calls his daughter out of prison for himself and not for her, viewers are really looking forward to a tense father-daughter reunion. However, king tulsa Escape the scary episode by revealing that Tina’s heartbreak is more important than her father’s unexplained absence from her life.

Why Dwight killed Nico in Tulsa King

Although Tina never explicitly says so, the content of her intense conversation with Dwight in her flower shop is that Nick sexually assaulted Tina when she was a child and Dwight was unable to do so. protect her in prison. After Dwight was promised him by Pete Invernizzi to take care of his family while in prison, Dwight Manfredi’s book in prison stayed with him, and Dwight was able to get through it with relative comfort. knowing his mafia family always protects his wife and children outside the prison walls. As a creator, Nico betrayed Dwight in the worst way possible, and he essentially left the special Dwight with no choice but to take brutal and determined revenge.

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Tina was clearly traumatized, which was all the evidence Dwight needed to justify killing Nico in front of adult men without due process. Notably, none of those who witnessed Dwight torture Nico to death intervene when they realized Dwight intended to kill Nico on the spot, not even Vince Antonage, who was still eager to fight Dwight. This scene also reveals Dwight’s true place in the organization and how the New York Mafia’s code of honor works. King of Tulsa. Like their boss Pete, these people may not know what Nico did to Dwight’s daughter Tina, but they take a step back out of respect for Dwight.

Why does Nico Bugliosi aka “The Package” look so familiar

Tulsa King Actor John Cenatiempo Nico The Package Bugliosi

The actor who plays Nico Bugliosi is named John Cenatiempo, he is a The Sopranos, The Irishman, American Gangster, and several other crime movies and series. Cenatiempo started his career playing bad guys, starting in the early 1990s in films like Street Hunter, The Last Boy Scout, And 3 . damage weaponin which Cenatiempo’s character, Smitty, is knocked out and drowned in wet cement. Similar to Sylvester Stallone’s Dwight “General” Manfredi tossing a haymaker like a boss, John Cena Timpo’s Nico “Package” Bugliosi died tragically king tulsa Devotion to old school action movies.

Tina can’t even tell what Nico did, it shows king tulsa To be fair, Borrowing Reality is done sensitively. Dwight brutally kills Nico shortly after learning what he’s done, which also serves as a little cleansing for audiences new to Tina. Finally, when John Cenatiempo’s Nico teaches the audience king tulsa The tricky thing is, in any crime and drama series, you should always focus on the characters in the background.

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