‘Trend winner’: BTS ‘dances’ to hit song Gulabi Sharara. Watch

Fan-made videos of South Korean boy band BTS ‘dancing’ to a number of popular Hindi songs often go viral on social media. These skilfully edited clips are entertaining many and now another such video of BTS ‘dancing’ to the song Gulabi Sharara has taken social media by storm.

Footage of BTS ‘dancing’ to the song.

The fun mod was created by Instagram account ‘san-scarry-posts’. It ingeniously combines BTS’s dance moves from the original clip, set to Boy With Luv, with Gulabi Sharara’s lively beats in their cover. As the lively beats of this song play, BTS’s dance steps match the beats perfectly.

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Watch the video of BTS dancing to Gulabi Sharara here:

This post was shared two days ago. Since it was published, it has more than two million views. The share also has more than 37,000 likes and numerous comments. Many were impressed by this edit.

Check out what people are saying about this clip here:

The individual wrote: “How this choreography suits every song.”

Another commented: “I swear, this is their universal song, The choreography goes with every, every song in whatever language it’s in!”

“Winner of this trend,” posted a third.

A fourth added: “Hilarious but mesmerizing.”

Many others also reacted to the clip using heart emojis.

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