Top Gun Maverick: 10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up The Movie

Top Gun: Maverick Have remains the highest-grossing film of 2022, and according to collider It became the fifth-highest-grossing domestic film of all time, showing a need for speed by fans old and new. Top Guns The sequel follows Pete “Maverick” Mitchell (Tom Cruise) and a group of Top Gun grads on a secret mission that will test their loyalty and mettle like never before.

Whether fans love Maverick’s return and Cruise’s undying passion for the character, all those ’80s Easter eggs or what it has to do with Star WarsThese memes perfectly capture the spirit of movies moving at Mach 10.

Top Gun: Maverick has a lot in common with Top Gun

Judging from the title, Top Gun: Maverick Full of easter eggs and callback Top GunsKenny Loggins’ “danger zone” glowed with golden sunsets over the flight deck, while fighter pilots moved majestically through the evening sky. At the same time, it also brings a sense of comfort, like something fans have not seen in a long time.

Of course, it doesn’t hesitate to share its predecessor’s beats; A hot newbie pilot who needs to prove himself battling an authority figure who follows the rules, with a scene involving lots of sunscreen and organized moves, Maverick still has to convince the Skeptics Lover believes he’s a safe bet, but in many ways, those don’t diminish its appeal. The fans who came here knew exactly what they wanted to see and it worked.

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Tom Cruise looks the same as last time he played Maverick

When Tom Cruise first played the Mavericks, he was ecstatic at the success of many films, including legendary And business riskand was hailed as a pioneer by then-legendary producer Jerry Bruckheimer Top Guns and continues to cement itself as a pop culture icon.

Oddly enough, as this meme demonstrates, Cruise doesn’t seem to have aged in more than three decades since he wore his F-14. Top Gun: MaverickFor a long time, fans wondered what kept Cruise so young. Undoubtedly, a great career in Hollywood filming his favorite movies must have played a significant role.

The only thing a freak will do with his life is get kicked out of a bar

In one of the film’s funniest moments, Maverick uses his phone at Penny’s bar, which is strictly forbidden. His punishment was to pay for a round of play, but he had no cash and was then kicked out of the house. Imagine the surprise of young pilots when the bartender is actually their new instructor.

This scene is a good reference to Maverick’s awkward interaction with his final flight instructor, who tried to Top Guns Her true identity is unknown. this scene in Top Gun: Maverick There are fewer issues and it feels up-to-date and less contrived for a modern audience.

Top Gun: Maverick has an unforgettable supporting cast

like in Top Guns, Top Gun: Maverick Characterized supporting characters are young pilots who must prove themselves in the cockpit. Where fans used to cheer for Goose, Hollywood, Iceman and Maverick, now they’re cheering for Payback, Hangman and…Bob?

Though never earning a flashy tagline like his friends, Lieutenant Robert “Bob” Floyd trained in the F-18F Super Hornet and graduated from the famous Top Gun course. As Phoenix’s WSO, the two performed BFM with Maverick and eventually (despite being attacked by birds) joined him on a secret mission to detonate a uranium facility. Bob has become a fan favorite due to his humility and lovable attitude.

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Top Gun: Maverick has a simple plot

The sequel to the movie is great to watch without seeing the original first, and thanks to its very linear plot, Top Gun: Maverick operate in the same capacity. Even without seeing its predecessor, viewers can still follow its basic premise without confusion.

The simple plot of the original film made it popular with fans, and in an age of increasingly complex blockbusters that are part of a shared cinematic universe, Top Gun: Maverick is a welcome respite. No need to see some other piece of content around it to appreciate it sets it apart from everything else out there.

Maverick has a new lover

exist Top Guns, Maverick must learn to care for others besides himself and combine an independent, free-thinking personality with coherence as a unit toward a common goal. This extends to his love life, and while Charlie doesn’t appear in the sequel, Maverick has his eye on Penny, a single mother who owns a beachside bar.

Penny and Maverick actually have an action-romance based on mutual respect that feels more appropriate than Maverick and Charlie. Also, does anyone believe that someone like Charlie would turn down a brilliant career in DC to be with someone who consistently turns down compliments and basically lives on the gallows scene?

Iceman becomes admiral

Iceman can be inside Top Guns, but just from the perspective of Maverick as the protagonist, his lone wolf behavior is understandable. In fact, Iceman’s relentless drive to see the Mavericks eliminated is because he is endangering himself and those around him.

exist Top Gun: Maverick, Iceman becomes an admiral, the years honing his ego, but also honing his domineering self. An Iceman-ranked lieutenant could actually hold that rank, but only Maverick’s true friends would use it to protect him. As two longtime enemies who have been best friends, their relationship is one of the most profound in the movie because of what it takes to get there.

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Top Gun: Maverick is similar to Star Wars

it’s not enough Top Gun: Maverick must have character Star Wars Equally, there must be a plot new hope. Between the Rooster’s Luke Skywalker hero arc, Maverick’s wise transformation into his Obi-Wan mentor, and Iceman’s emergence as a Yoda-like wisecracker, the film even there’s a bit of hard work at the end.

Although he never managed to do it in training, the Rooster was able to succeed, believing in his piloting talent just as much as Luke believing in the Force. It’s no surprise that the two films are similar; it’s a tried and tested formula, one that George Lucas himself learned from Kurosawa’s movies Hidden fortress.

The rooster and the calf must accept the death of the goose

For all the reasons behind Gus’ death and all the disappointments that came with it, the relationship between Maverick and Gus’ son, the Rooster, became estranged. It is implied that some of Maverick’s past actions directly affected the Rooster, including preventing him from becoming a successful pilot.

As this meme suggests, there may have been a gesture that helped the pair bond sooner — Maverick gives the Rooster his father’s dog tag. Unfortunately, he threw those into the sea, representing an escape from the guilt over Gus’ death. What Top Gun: Maverick The highlight is that no one can truly come out of something so emotionally obvious and find peace only through its persistence in their lives.

Mavericks must drive Tomcats again

it will be a Top Guns What If The Mavericks Didn’t Enter The Cockpit Of The F-14 Again? At the end of the film, Mav and Rooster are shot down behind enemy lines and need to bring this “ancient” technology home. Somehow, they can do this undetected and unhindered.

Tom Cruise talks a lot about the time he spent in the cockpit of the Tomcat learning to fly like his famous character, so it makes sense for him to give audiences what they want to see. If not for pure nostalgia, then to emphasize how far Naval Aviation has come in the years from his graduation to becoming an instructor.

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