This egg-related brain teaser has left people scratching their heads

There are many kinds of brain teasers that might leave you boggled. And a question just like that is going viral on social media. In a brain teaser shared by Twitter handle @PicturesFoIder the question reads, “I have six eggs. I broke two. I fried two. I ate two. How many are left?” Can you guess the answer for this question?

What do you think is the correct answer to this egg-related brain teaser? (Twitter/@PicturesFoIder)

Take a look at this viral brain teaser below to see how quickly you can solve it:

This post was shared on August 2. Since being shared, it has been viewed more than 45.7 million times. Many even took the comments section of the post to share their answers.

Here’s what people are saying about this brain teaser:

An individual wrote, “4. 6 eggs broke 2 > fried those same 2 > ate those same 2. Answer: 4 eggs left.” A second added, “Good arguments for both 6 and 4. 4: started with 6, and then the same 2 eggs were broken, fried and then eaten = 4; or 6: The first sentence is present tense. The second sentence is past tense, filling in the history of how they ended up with 6, (having started with 8).” A third commented, “6 because of the use of past and present tense in the riddle.” A fourth shared, “4. But actually 6 because otherwise you would have written ‘I HAD 6 eggs’,”. What do you think about this brain teaser? Were you able to solve it?

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