“There’s Too Many”: James Gunn’s Superhero Complaint Shows DC Will Avoid A Big MCU Problem

James Gunn’s criticism of recent live-action superhero adaptations means the DC Universe can avoid the major problems that have plagued Marvel Studios’ MCU. Guardians of the Galaxy And suicide squad Director James Gunn will join producer Peter Safran as co-executive director of DC Studios in November 2022, promising a massive shakeup to DC’s live-action universe. Gunn has been outspoken in his criticism of recent superhero projects since announcing initial plans for the first chapter of the DC Universe, “Gods and Monsters,” in January 2023, hinting that DC Studios may be on the right track.

In an interview with Michael Rosenbaum your heart In the June 2023 podcast, Gunn frequent collaborator Rosenbaum asked the famous filmmaker if he thought there was “Too many superhero shows and movies” getting a very blunt, “I think it’s too much” Reply. This skepticism probably corresponds to the dramatic drop in Marvel and DC popularity in recent years, which many attribute to severe superhero fatigue. However, Gunn went on to say that the rebooted DC Universe will solve this problem and it will be able to do so in a certain way.

James Gunn’s Criticism Shows DCU Will Have Much Fewer Shows Than MCU

Like Marvel Studios following the Disney+ launch, DC Films plans to offer both live-action and animated stories in feature films and TV series. For a superhero series, it’s a great way to tell smaller-scale stories involving supporting characters who don’t always get the screen time they deserve in theaters. While releasing canon TV shows alongside movie franchises has its benefits, there are also problems releasing content this way. This includes real new material, and many audiences have taken a closer look at what Marvel Studios has to offer.

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In 2021, Marvel Studios released five series and four feature films on Disney+. Creating too many new stories means that the overall quality is lacking – especially in She-Hulk: Law Firm Poor visual effects. Gunn plans to avoid the problem by posting less, saying in interviews that they are “Do not over-expand [themselves] in Washington,” but they will “Be very careful with the product [they] extinguish. “ So far, only five TV shows have been confirmed for the new DC Universe, two of which, biological commando And wall makerslated for release in 2024, but other releases are yet to be confirmed.

Why fewer shows could benefit the DC Universe

Batman, Superman, Flash, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman in DC Comics Poster

Initially, Marvel Studios CEO Kevin Feige noted that viewers don’t need to see a Disney+ series to know what’s coming to theaters. However, this turned out to be wrong because Wanda’s Vision setting Doctor Strange in the Mad Multiverseand plot stone An integral part of the MCU’s multiverse story. DC Studios’ TV schedule means most major episodes of DCU will still be in theaters, making the plot easier to follow. The fact that fewer TV shows will be released in the DC universe also means that the shows released will be more special, adding real substance to the series.

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