The Witcher 3: 10 Mods That Crush Bugs & Prevent Crashes

The Witcher III is a highly polished game, but it does have its issues that need to be addressed in future updates. It’s much more stable than its spiritual cousin Skyrim, but there’s room to improve the foundation of the game, while crushing a few bugs at the same time. That’s where the modding community comes in.

These creators have crafted a few bugfixes and patches that make the game look better, feel better, and run better. Some are multi-purpose bug squashers, while others fix graphical glitches, gameplay hiccups, and quests that get stuck. Installing these can tidy up The Witcher III, and make it run even better than before.

Sidequests And Treasure Hunts Journal Entries Fixes

• Download the mod HERE

Skyrim is renowned for its collection of quest-related fixes which tidy up the system and make it run better. The Witcher III has similar mods like this one, which go after a few fixes related to the journal entries for quests. There are a few bugs inherent to The Witcher III which can cause unforeseen glitches and problems when it comes to how the quests are maintained in the journal, in addition to how they actually operate.

By adding the mod, quests that trigger incorrectly get patched up, while at the same time dealing with issues related to missing paragraphs in their descriptions. It’s a straightforward mod that fixes a very particular kind of glitch.

Nitpicker’s Patch – Various Visual Fixes

A before/after comparison of a Witcher III visual bug fix

• Download the mod HERE

The world of The Witcher III is a beautiful and highly detailed one, but all this work comes at the cost of a few graphical anomalies that pop up now and again. Nitpicker’s Patch was designed for detail-oriented gamers who demand that it run its absolute best at all times.

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It fixes a variety of problems, from objects disappearing at a distance to items clipping through walls and other materials. It also fixes things like missing seams on clothes, body parts clipping through various outfits, and similar graphical hiccups.

Brothers In Arms – TW3 Ultimate Bug Fix Collection

A shot describing a Witcher III bug fix, courtesy of a mod

• Download the mod HERE

One of several multifaceted patches for The Witcher III is the popular Brothers in Arms, a compendium of 330+ bug fixes spread across the entire length of the game. By installing it, a ton of the game’s problems both great and small are dealt with, creating a nice baseline from which to enhance the game.

The collection tackles everything from quest and dialogue fixes to gameplay fixes, journal fixes, and restoration of hidden content. The purpose of the mod was to prevent gamers from having to download dozens of individual bug fix mods in succession, thereby saving time.

Dynamic Wet Face (And Some Toxic Face Fixes)

A before/after comparison of Geralt with both a dry and wet face in The Witcher III

• Download the mod HERE

This is a rather simple bug fix mod designed to fix a particular issue related to Geralt as a main character. The problem stems from Geralt’s body becoming wet after getting caught in the rain, or taking a dip in the water, while his face remains visibly dry. It’s a small annoyance, but one that is obvious.

The mod patches this problem up by correctly wetting Geralt’s face in accordance with the environmental factors. If it’s raining, his face will now display an appropriate shine texture to show that he’s not cozy and dry. This sets things right in relation to other characters who don’t have this problem.

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World Map Fixes

A shot of The Witcher III and a map fix mod

• Download the mod HERE

There are so many great missions to complete in The Witcher III, but without a properly functioning map, things can get dicey very fast. There’s nothing worse than inconsistencies between an adventure game’s world map, and the world itself. If both aren’t consistent, there’s the possibility of getting lost, turned around, or missing something of vital importance. World Map Fixes remedies this problem with a bevy of fixes.

After installing it, the map and mini-map both get an overhaul that matches the actual world being explored. Missing content such as lakes, paths, and location entrances are corrected, which means less head-scratching, and more adventuring.

Cutscenes Lighting Fix

A before/after comparison of a cinematic lighting fix mod for The Witcher III

• Download the mod HERE

The in-game cut scenes are one of the most detailed aspects of The Witcher III, but they do have their own set of problems attached. When activated, many of the light sourcing in the game casts incorrectly on characters and the environment, which can blow out the picture in an unrealistic manner.

The mod works by itself in the base vanilla game, or with other lighting mods, which is a plus. Once applied, light sources cast a shine more accurately, while shadows become predominant according to angles. It’s a small thing, but it goes a long way towards creating better immersion.

Novigrad Water Fix

A before/after comparison of a water fix mod for The Witcher III

• Download the mod HERE

Water in adventure RPG games is a tricky thing, and it tends to depend on how the developers modeled the surrounding environment. A few things were bound to get missed in the process, which is why Novigrad Water Fix was created.

Put simply, the mod tacks up a series of geometry-related errors that cause water to glitch out in certain areas within Novigrad. This mod’s functionality is included in the aforementioned Nitpicker’s Patch, but it’s a good solution for those who only want the water fixes by themselves, and nothing else.

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Unofficial XP Glitch Fix

A configuration file for The Witcher III

• Download the mod HERE

Some Witcher III fixes don’t deal with visual bugs or stability problems, but rather the in-game play mechanics. There’s a glitch on the PC version of the game which affects particular quests by robbing players of XP if they’re at a certain level. It’s an annoying gripe that now has a fix, courtesy of this mod.

Essentially, the mod fixes the coding of the quests so that they respond to the actual levels that they should, allowing players above level 13 to receive appropriate XP when finishing them. It may go unnoticed on its own, but Witcher III gamers need all the XP they can get, making this mod a must.

Fix Stuck Quest Items

A shot of The Witcher III's equipment menu system

• Download the mod HERE

One particular problem in The Witcher III revolves around quest items that can sometimes get stuck on the left pane of the inventory screen, leading to great annoyance. This mod gets rid of that problem by stripping out the quest tags for non-relevant quest items, which allows them to be removed.

The best part about the mod is that it’s retroactive, and can be installed at any point during a playthrough. Previously stuck items will automatically get the fix, and the issues will be resolved. Simple, straightforward, and highly useful for gamers experiencing this irritating bug.

A before/after comparison of a bug fix mod for The Witcher III

• Download the mod HERE

For gamers who want the whole menu of bug fixes in one easy-to-install collection, they needn’t look further than this mod. It’s essentially a giant compendium of bug fixes in one single community-driven patch that also includes the Nitpicker’s Patch. For gamers who want to hit all the bases, this is the way to go.

The patch file was intended to be a baseline upon which other bugfixes and mods could be installed on top, to overwrite its files. This is a handy method of eliminating a host of problems straight away, and customizing secondary and tertiary bug fixes along the line.

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