The united STATES copies the Eurovision

A television advertisement that takes you on vacation to the United States has fallen on deaf ears because of Eurovision. Variety reports that the country is now getting its own version of the lime

TV tips that take you on vacation

The United States fell headlong at Eurovision. Variety reports that the country now has its own version called the “American Song Contest.”

All 50 states in the US must submit an entry and the winner will be selected after several semi-finals and grand finals.

COMING TO THE UNITED STATES: The closest the US got to Eurovision was the film Eurovision Song Contest: A Tale of Four Sagas, now comes the competition, which will land in 2021. Photo: Shutterstock. Show more

unlike Eurovision, where the participants are selected by statskanalene, the production company Propagate Content to create the “American Song Contest Academy”. The organization will be made up of professional musicians from all over the United States and, together with the votes of the people, will determine who will be the 50 best participants.


Among other things, the Swede Christer Björkman will produce the show. He even participated in Eurovision for Sweden in 1992, and was a co-producer several times for both Melodifestivalen and Eurovision.

“It’s a privilege to take all the knowledge you have about the format and do it again for an audience that has no history with it,” Björkman tells Variety.

The producer responsible for the show is American Ben Silverman, who says he spent 20 years bringing Eurovision to the United States.

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look who appears here

Can this unite us at a time when America is more divided than ever?” he says.

Come in 2021

It is currently unclear how the offer should be submitted. Netflix currently has the most connection to the prize game, both with Will Farrell’s Eurovision film and with the rights to broadcast Eurovision in the US, writes Eurovisionbloggen wiwibloggs.

“Grand Prix General Per Sundnes sounds like the ‘American Song Contest’ is a fantastic idea.

“It’s funny that he’s our big brother,” Sundnes tells the newspaper.

He didn’t take his eyes off the fact that it could mean the USA sneak into the final, as Australia has done since 2016.

And we know what happens when the US woos us in sangkonkurranse. When the winner is a plumber from Norway”, Sundnes with a reference to when Kurt Nilsen beat Kelly Clarkson on “World Idol”.

The release of “American Song Contest” is scheduled for Christmas 2021.

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