The Ultimatum Randall Griffin Family: Mom, Dad, Siblings

from netflix Ultimatum premiered its first season, and due to its uniqueness, the series attracted the attention of fans of dating shows. We believe that viewers who were interested in the personal struggles and dramas of the actors would also be interested in learning more about their family background.

so we put this together Randall Griffin Family article that will give you a better idea of ​​your family members. Read about his mom, dad, and his siblings below.

Ultimatum: Meet the Randall Griffin Family

Randall Griffin, born in Atlanta, Georgia, wasn’t ready to take his relationship with girlfriend Shaniqe Imari to the next step. However, he couldn’t help but be drawn to the new Netflix dating show. Ultimatum. The couple joined the show after only a year and a half of dating.

Shanique, who was ready to marry and start a family with Randall, issued an “ultimatum”. for more details about her trip you can click on the link. In this article we focus more on her family members, including her father, mother, and brother.

Who is Randall Griffin’s father, Randal Griffin Sr.?

Randall Griffin was born to father Randall Griffin Sr.

Born in February 1962, Randall Sr. is currently 60 years old. According to Randall Sr.’s LinkedIn, he is a professional musician and a music studio owner. He founded After Life Recording in 1972 and has run the company for more than 50 years.

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Besides, OpenCorporate revealed that he founded Griffin Development Consulting LLC in 2005. The company is headquartered on Heathrow Dr, Riverdale, Georgia. He completed the dissolution of the company in December 2015.

Meanwhile, dun & bradstreet He shared that the company specializes in lawn hose nozzles and sprayers. The company’s annual revenue is reported to be around $94,000.

Coming to education, Randall Sr. earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Tuskegee. While there, he was a member of the Tuskegee Institute Golden Tigers marching and concert bands. You can find him on Facebook (@randall.griffin.315).

Who is Randall Griffin’s mother, Devlin Griffin?

Born on April 30, 1961, Devlin Taylor Griffin is the mother of Randall Griffin. According to her birth date, she is currently 60 years old.

Devlin is a nurse by profession. According OpenGovUSshe received her license as a public health nurse on September 11, 1986. While she obtained her license to work as a registered nurse in 1984.

Devlin previously worked at Santa Monica Hospital as a registered nurse beginning in October 1986. As of 2020, she works for the Fulton County government.

Devlin also advocates for breast cancer awareness.

Does The Ultimatum Randall Griffin have siblings?

As for the details related to his siblings, Randall Griffin has a younger brother named Eman Griffin. In May 2016, Randall tweeted about his brother: “Today is my brother’s prom and my house will be at 10 EVERY day.”

A few days later, he bragged about his brother’s success on Twitter: “So my old high school is going to name a basketball award after my brother. Where was my award when I became a senior and graduated?!”

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Eman was very athletically built from a young age. His parents enrolled him in a karate class when he was in high school. Find Eman on Facebook (@eg.griffin.75).

Related FAQ

  • Where does the Randall Griffin family live?

Randall Griffin’s parents live in Riverdale, Georgia. While his brother Eman lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

  • Does the Randall Griffin family appear on Instagram?

Randall Griffin has yet to feature his parents on Instagram. But he posted his Facebook status about his mother on his Facebook.

  • What is the ethnicity of the Randall Griffin family?

Randall Griffin appears to be of African-American descent.

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