The Ultimatum Madlyn Ballatori Family: Mom, Dad, Siblings

Meet the Family Madlyn Ballatori (from Netflix Ultimatum).

Learn more about Madlyn’s parents and her siblings. On April 6, 2022, Netflix announced Ultimatum: marry or move on. It has a plot similar to The Island of Temptations and brings together six couples in love, one of whom is eager to get married and the other undecided. Like the show’s contestants, six new couples were ready to put their relationships to the test. One of those couples was Madlyn Ballatori and Colby Kissinger.

Ultimatum: Meet the Madlyn Ballatori Family

Madlyn Ballatori and her boyfriend Colby Kissinger decided to put their relationship to the test by joining a dating experiment to see if their bond was as strong as they had hoped. Like all the other five couples, during the five weeks of the show, they chose one couple to leave the other couple. For more information about your trip, click on the link.

The series not only got viewers interested in their love life, but also who they are outside of TV shows. This article helps to investigate details related to your family members. You will learn more about his parents and siblings below. Your job, age, marital status and current residence are the topics we cover.

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Who is the father of Ultimatum Madlyn Ballatori, Luigi Ballatori?

Madlyn Ballatori’s Ultimatum is the daughter of Luigi Ballatori. Speaking of her father, Luigi was born on March 12, 1962, making her 60 years old. She is currently the CEO of Ballatori Enterprises since September 2019.

In 1987, Luigi Ballatori created the first version of Landpro, a lease management software system targeted at oil and gas exploration companies and the mining industry. This led to the formal establishment of LandPro Corp, a company specializing in GIS mapping and land management software. Visual LandPro, the company’s flagship product, tracks leases, extensions, contracts, partition orders, deferred leases, acreage estimates, payment obligations, special provisions, and more.

He was the CEO of Landpro Corp since March 1990, while he began working as the company’s president in March 2019 before leaving the company in August 2019.

Prior to that, Luigi was a senior developer at Sunicor, Inc. from September 1987 to February 1990. He worked as a geologist at TS Brown Exploration and as a revenue accountant at Seagull International Exploration.

Luigi graduated from the University of Houston in 1986. He is available on Facebook (@Luigi.Ballatori) and Instagram (@woodlands_vt).

Madlyn recently introduced her dad on Father’s Day 2021. She posted a short video of her dad when he was young.

Who is the mother of Madlyn Ballatori’s ultimatum, Sheila Langley Blalock?

Madlyn Ballatori’s mother, Sheila Langley Blalock, married her father, Luigi Ballatori, on January 1, 2001. They divorced on July 28, 2015.

On November 12, 1970, Sheila turned 51 years old.

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Ultimatum Madlyn Ballatori has siblings?

Ultimatum Madlyn Ballatori has two brothers. She mentioned that she had a brother who broke his leg when she was young. However, the other siblings are unknown. They also have a young daughter.

Related FAQ

  • Where does Madlyn Ballatori’s family live?

Originally from El Dorado, Arkansas, Madlyn’s mother, Sheila, lives in The Woodlands, Texas. Also, Madly’s father, Luigi, lived in Spring, Texas.

  • Does Madlyn Ballatori’s family appear on Instagram?

Yes, Madelyn’s sister and her parents appeared on her Instagram.

  • What is the ethnic origin of Madlyn Ballatori’s family?

Madlyn Ballatori is an Italian-American national.

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