The Sopranos: 10 Worst Plans In The Show That Completely Backfired

character Sopranos They’re always fun, but they’re not always smart. Part of the film’s appeal is its ability to deftly strike a balance between characters who’ve committed terrible acts yet are somehow endearing, making them both rich and complex and infinite. attractive.

The film also crosses the line between drama and comedy, with much of the humor in the film coming from the absurdity of the characters. They’re certainly not the smartest thugs, often spouting hilarious falsehoods and fantasizing about terrible ideas that often backfire in unexpected and tragic ways. These plans are definitely not thought out.

When Adriana told Christopher about the FBI

this is not the worst thing The plan itself, but Adriana was too naive to trust Christopher would confidently take her accuser away. Adriana kindly tells Christopher that she is cooperating with the FBI – this makes her feel more guilty and she hopes Chris will run away with her and join witness protection.

Unfortunately, that plan backfired completely and in the worst way possible. Chris goes to Tony to betray Adriana, and Tony forces Silvio to beat Adriana in the woods.

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when sean and matt try to beat christopher

Sean and Matt from The Sopranos sit at the bar

Christopher is a central character in many notable episodes, including “From Where to Eternity” in the second season. In the previous episode, Christopher was nearly shot dead by Sean Gismont and Matt Beveracqua.

Both Sean and Matt feel underappreciated in the Mafia and have the terrible idea of ​​killing Christopher for Rich’s sake, hoping the assassination will earn them respect and approval. Instead, Sean is killed on the spot by Christopher, while Matt is later taken to the warehouse by Tony and Big Cat and killed.

when the big cats cooperate with the federation

The big cat in The Sopranos wears a coat and shirt.

Working with the FBI from within the Mafia is never a good idea. In this case, the show did exactly what the fans wanted it to do. Big Cat, who has worked with the FBI since his arrest for drug trafficking, embraces his new role with incredible enthusiasm.

However, Tony eventually deduces that Big Cat has lost his mind and takes him on board. There he, Silvio, and Paulie killed him and threw his body into the sea, just one of many FBI-related deaths that took place on the show.

when mustang sally beat a guy in a relationship

Sally Mustang in

one of the dumbest characters on the show Sopranos The history can be found in the three part episode “Another toothpick”. At the beginning of the episode, Bronco Sally gets the terrible idea of ​​hitting Brian Spatafort in the head with a golf club for meddling in his relationship with girlfriend Tina Francisco.

Brian is a connection, as is his brother Vito Spatafor. In revenge for the attack, Mustang Sally was killed by ailing old man Bobby Baccarat, who happened to be also his godfather.

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when atie tries to invest

Artie Buco mocks Benny in 'The Sopranos'

Artie was never the smartest person on the show, but episode 4 “Everybody Hurts” showed him his worst. Artie has a crush on a new French waitress at his restaurant, while her brother wants to distribute a special French brandy in America. For this, he needs the right to distribute $50,000.

Artie agrees to find this guy in exchange for 13% interest, which he eventually gets from Tony. Of course, things go awry next – the deal fails, Artie loses money, gets beaten up, and nearly takes her own life out of fear of Tony’s wrath.

When Tony B is no longer going straight

Tony takes aim with a shotgun in The Sopranos.

Tony Brendeto bravely walked out of prison. He has shown impressive proactivity in his career as a massage therapist, in fact, he succumbed to the pressures of civilian life just days after starting his career. start your own business.

He hits the shop owner, then comes back to Tony, asking to rejoin the family business. It was a gruesome plan, and it ended predictably in one of the most gritty murders in the Tony franchise.

when david joined tony’s poker game

In The Sopranos, David is attacked by Tony.

Sopranos Like throwing civilians into Tony’s inner ring and watching the chaos unfold. Perhaps the worst offender is David Scardino. Financially troubled, David decides to join Tony’s poker game, despite Tony’s own outcry.

But no luck or poor technique, and David even lost than Money to play poker and sink deeper into mafia debts. In turn, Davy’s sporting goods store was eventually destroyed by the mob, and Davy felt hopeless and suicidal, eventually moving to Nevada.

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when young jackie tried to steal eugene

Jackie from The Sopranos stepped out in a thick coat

Few characters are as miserable (or stupid) as young Jackie. Jackie shows promise in college, but he eventually succumbs to the temptation of mafia life and sinks deeper and deeper into it.

Influenced by Ralphie’s story about Tony and Jackie’s father robbing a card game, Jackie Jr. decided to follow in his father’s footsteps by stealing Eugene’s card game. Unlike Tony’s attempt a few years earlier, this time something went wrong and Jackie ended up on the run. He was eventually tracked down and defeated by Vito Spatafore.

when poly turns his back on his family

Paulie on the phone with mom at retirement community Greengrove in 'The Sopranos'

Paulie was one of the Sopranos survivors to make it to the finale, but only because of Tony The Sopranos’ favor. Pauley has repeatedly provided interesting information to Johnny Sack and the New York football team behind the DiMeo family’s back. Naturally, this gets him into big trouble in the DiMeos family – especially when he tells Johnny Ralph about the inappropriate prank he made on Ginny.

Tony seems to know that it was Paulie who betrayed Ralfi in Miami and nearly killed him. While Tony beat his old friend in seconds, he ultimately decided not to.

when tony buys whitecaps

Carmela and Tony talk in front of Whitecaps in The Sopranos.

In the flashy season four finale, Tony bought a beachfront property on the Jersey Shore as a last-ditch attempt to save his fracturing marriage. As Carmela rightly surmised, it was “just a larger version of the emerald ring, so [Tony] continuable [his] Another life. “

Although the plan seemed successful at first, it all fell apart when a jealous Irina told Carmela about Tony’s love affair with Svetlana. Not only does Tony lose his marriage, but he also argues with the landlord about the missing security deposit.

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