“The Simpsons left the blue building standing”: Maui blue umbrella conspiracy erupts as laser video goes viral

The internet has been flooded with bizarre conspiracy theories after the devastating fires hit Maui and Lahaina on August 8, 2023. The latest claim notes that the destruction was caused by “direct energy weapons,” which were programmed not to hit blue objects. This was supposed to explain why the viral blue beach umbrellas remained untouched as their surroundings were ravaged by the fires.

Twitter user @WallStreetApes garnered immense traction online after claiming that Direct Energy Weapons’ lasers were programmed to attack objects at different wavelengths but not to burn anything blue in color. The platform user also noted:

“The Maui, Lahaina, Hawaii Fires Were A Planned Attack!!”

They also attached a TikTok video which included a yellow, red, blue, green, and white cloth being ruined by a laser. One can note that the blue cloth remained intact. The TikToker said:

“Laser weapons can be programmed for different wavelengths. There was something blue they didn’t want to burn.”

The TikTok video also showed how a blue car and a blue umbrella remained undamaged while their surroundings were burned down.

The Twitter user claimed that the Direct Energy Weapons theory was used in an episode of The Simpsons where a blue building remained untouched. However, it is important to note that the episode was not set in Hawaii.

Reacting to the viral Maui theory, one netizen noted:

“This 100 percent couldn’t be a fire”: Blue umbrellas Maui theory takes the internet by a storm

The Twitter user also attached another video by TikTok user @statenationalsrock16 where he expressed doubt over the natural disaster. Speaking about the blue umbrellas remaining unscathed, he said in the video:

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“You see the devastation? Now how do you justify umbrellas? This should be the straw that breaks everybody bat. It’s impossible. There’s nothing you could tell… this isn’t possible… how does it exist guys? You got to ask the question when things like this are the signs that we should do something. This isn’t possible. This means that their whole narrative is bulls**t. This 100 percent couldn’t be a fire.”

The Twitter user also claimed that not only were there untouched blue cars and beach umbrellas but also a “Perfectly Untouched Blue Bowl in a Devastated Home.”

Responding to the viral Direct Energy Weapons Maui theory, Twitter user @WarTurkey22 tweeted about a “BLUE BEAM” project that is underway.

According to The Economic Times, Project Blue Beam is a 1990s conspiracy theory that believes that the United Nations and NASA are attempting to create a “new age religion” to control people. News outlets claim that the project aims to abolish traditional religions and replace them with just one, destroy national identities to establish world pride, and also abolish the family system to ensure individuals work for a one-world government.


As the Direct Energy Weapons claim continues to spread across social media, it is important to note that no evidence to support the notion has made it online. Officials have not confirmed that the same was the reason behind the Maui wildfires.

The exact reason for the rampage remains unclear to date. Some claim that the extreme weather conditions may have played a role, while others note that grasslands planted by ranchers may have caused the wildfires.

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