The Simpsons: 10 Best Martin Prince Quotes

The Simpsons has been on the air longer than most viewers are alive. As long as the show has aired, it’s had some great guest stars and supporting cast, and it’s as memorable as any master class. However, one of them is always favored when he plays characters in the series, and that would be the all-time favorite, Martin Prince.

However, when he does appear in an episode, one of them is always an interesting one and it’s everyone’s favorite, Martin Prince. As fans know, Martin Prince is one of Bart Simpson’s schoolmates, but he also has some of the best quotes on the series.

“O tender caress of the summer breeze.”

In the season 6 premiere, “Dark Bart”, a heatwave hits Springfield, Bart and Lisa take the opportunity to convince their parents to buy them a swimming pool. After they did, it was as if the whole school had come to their house for a swim on a hot summer day.

During this time, Martin sees how the pool has enhanced Bart and Lisa’s reputation and wants to be a part of it. Convincing his parents to buy him a swimming pool, he made a name for himself for a while. However, it is short. He let too many children into the pool and it exploded, leaving Martin alone. This line shows that he is admitting defeat but still looking for the positives.

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“Zhang Zhuang protects me to save me!”

Nelson walks furiously while Martin dances around him in 'The Simpsons'

In the episode “Troy Lemons”, Martin and the other children venture to neighboring Shelbyville after a group of children from a rival town break in and steal the town’s sacred lemon tree. The kids paired up and searched for it all over the city. Martin, who works with Nelson, encounters a local tycoon and shouts the phrase, prompting Nelson to reluctantly step in to help him.

Early in the episode, it was suggested that Nelson and Martin might have become close this summer, as they spent time together at the space camp. This would explain why Nelson came to Martin’s rescue, despite his reluctance.

“Not quite gone yet, honey, however, there are days I wish I had.”

Future Prince Martin plays The Phantom Of The Opera Organ on The Simpsons

In the episode “Lisa’s Wedding”, the highly-hidden character, Lisa Simpson, goes to see a fortune teller at a Renaissance fair who tells her about her future wedding. With the announcement, the episode cuts through to Miss Hoover and Principal Skinner talking about Lisa and how she was the only smart kid at the school other than Martin Prince who died in the explosion. The camera pans down to a cave below the school, and the adult Martin sits in front of the organ and says the words.

The reason this sentence is so interesting is that it Theater ghost. Martin hides his face behind a mask and wears a black cape while playing a song on the organ.

“Stop using euphemisms! It’s chubby daddy’s little secret weight loss camp!”

Martin angrily scolds his parents in 'The Simpsons'

In the classic “Kamp Krusty” series, Springfield kids excitedly spend their summer at Kamp Krusty, a summer camp hosted by everyone’s favorite TV clown, Krusty. When the children got into the car, there was a moment when they said goodbye to their parents at the same time, viewers could see Martin’s grief.

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As his parents began to say goodbye, Martin lamented the line that perfectly sums up his dramatic talent.

“Have to admit my Geode!”

Martin frowns angrily on 'The Simpsons'

In “Sweet Skinner’s Badasss Song,” it’s the day that happens and tells, and Martin has to follow Bart, another protagonist with hidden details that many fans might miss, who brought the dog. their own to class.

Walking into class, Martin tried to start introducing his geode, and when the whole class (including the teacher) focused on the dog rather than the speech, he grew impatient and shouted the phrase there. Martin’s character often disappoints those around him, especially when he wants to show how smart he is.

“Today, I’m wearing a tank top! Ha! Ha!”

Martin wears Nelson's aster vest to beat him at The Simpsons

In “Broken Relationships,” Bart Simpson and Homer confront each other over a piece of broccoli. As the two confront each other, Millhouse runs in and tells Bart that he’s usually Millhouse’s bad friend and that Martin is hitting Nelson in the front yard. Then, viewers see Martin pin Nelson to the ground, put on a vest and announce: “Today, I put on a vest! Ha! Ha!”

It was a moment of victory for the rest of the show’s characters, who had been harassed and bullied by Nelson for years.

“I’ve endured your bullshit all my life! Oh, that feels great, no wonder you did that!”

Martin beats his bully in Simpsons

Martin’s Big Breakthrough Moment The Simpsons Movie Near the climax of the film, Homer and Bart try to get the bomb out of the dome. Just when everyone thought this was the end, Martin found all the bullies and delivered while hitting the bullies with sticks.

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The beauty of this moment is that up until this point in the series, audiences have never seen Martin so down. It’s everywhere, and it’s one of the best lines in the movie.

“Flying ball! Find your bracelet!”

Martin hangs himself from a tree in 'The Simpsons' and Bart shoots him

In the episode “Replaceable You”, Bart saves Martin after bullies throw him into a tree. Bart approached him for help on a science project, and in return, he said he would choose Martin to play basketball first.

Martin then imagines that Bart has chosen him, who is much taller and more muscular than himself. He shouted the words before he shot. While it’s not the funniest line of dialogue, by portraying him in a sports fantasy, he encapsulates him as a character who still resembles himself.

“Wet Noodles Bart Forty Down!”

Martin dressed up as Lizzie Borden with an ax in 'The Simpsons'

In the classic episode “Cape Feare”, Edna Krabappel informs her class and announces that Martin will be starring in their play about Lizzie Borden. Martin, who appeared in the prank dressed as Lizzie Borden, brandished an ax and shouted, “Wet Noodle Bart Forty!”

The line was just a quick one-off joke, but the fact that Martin even dressed up as Lizzie Borden because he said the line made the moment funny.

“Oh, call me daddy!”

martin holding a pencil on simpsons

In the episode “Bart Gets An F,” the children are reporting on the book while Martin verbally narrates Hemingway in his theatrical style. After the speech, Edna was impressed when he walked by and told him that sometimes she thought he was Hemingway, and he laughed and said those words.

It’s a completely different line of dialogue for Martin, but the confidence and swagger he speaks is what makes it so funny.

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