The safest football helmet on the market, the ZERO1, just got cheaper

Vicis One of the safest helmets in football just got more affordable. In an attempt to prevent socioeconomics from being a deciding factor when it comes to the safety of soccer players, VICIS has announced a price reduction for its ZERO1 helmet. The price adjustment will take effect for the 2018/2019 season, and while the helmet is still quite expensive at $950, this represents a $600 reduction. The hope, says the Seattle-based company, is to make the helmet available to a wide range of athletes. Team rates will also be available, which will further reduce costs.

“Our fundamental goal at VICIS has been to leverage our expertise in engineering and medicine to protect as many athletes as possible,” said Dave Marver, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of VICIS. “The ZERO1 price reduction is the next step in that effort as we continue to innovate in soccer and other sports and work passionately to bring these protective technologies to market.”

The $950 price tag should be worth it. The ZERO1 debuted last year and took first place in NFL/NFLPA helmet performance testing in 2017. Numerous players throughout the NFL have worn the helmet, including Russell Wilson and Doug Baldwin of the Seattle Seahawks and Alex Smith of the Kansas City Chiefs. Recently, the Notre Dame football team announced that they will be providing their entire team with ZERO1 helmets in 2018.

One of the key components that differentiates it from the ZERO1 is the helmet’s “reflective layer”, which sits right under the hard outer layer. In the event of a collision, the dozens of pillars in this layer bend, compress and move, helping to absorb much of the incoming force. VICIS also boasts the Axis Fit System, which holds the player’s head as tightly as possible for an almost personalized fit. And finally, the ZERO1 has a Form Liner layer made from a unique foam, which works together with the arch shells to distribute pressure evenly across the head.

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All these technological innovations have made the ZERO1 one of the most popular and sought-after helmets on the market, and now the demand has allowed VICIS to reduce costs. Along with the new price, the company is also offering financing options to make the helmet even more affordable.

Helmets ordered by March 30th will be delivered by July 31st. With that said, VICIS warns that quantities are quite limited, so people looking to get their hands on the helmet should take action as soon as possible.

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