'The promise of the CO2-compensation is often not realized by the business

Companies say CO2 compensation provisions, this promise is often not fulfilled research shows True based on conversations

Companies say they are providing CO2 compensation, this promise is often not fulfilled research has shown this to be true based on discussions with dozens of service providers, accreditations and academia. The climate changes they cause are rarely reversed because the reduction in CO2 emissions can be offset.

According to a 2016 study by the German academic Öko-Institute, that is, through the newspaper, and it will be stated in more than 98 percent of the promised project, the truth is about the CO2 compensation.

According to Vjernik, it goes to airlines, travel agencies and utility companies. Customers will get the impression that the damage they cause to the climate, using, for example, an airplane or a car, can be compensated by a slightly higher price for this type of work. In the Netherlands alone, there would be millions and millions of euros that would be traded on the market.

Companies that promise to invest in them, for example, in the case or conservation of forests, but the compensation seems very cold and selective. On their website, showing that the company’s CO2 calculator, but can lead to a reduced image of the image, allows True.

This is the klimatschade, which is caused by air travel, according to climatologists, Heleen de Coninck (Radboud University Nijmegen, and member of the United Nations intergovernmental panel on climate change, not only due to the reduction of CO2 emissions .. “The plane emits a lot of nitrogen and creates condensation and the creation clouds. The warming effect is therefore at least twice as long,” says De Coninck.

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You can also use tags for which the compensation rate does not seem reliable. Signs are paid for by agreement with a higher fee. As a result, they will benefit from higher rates.

Date of update: 13 February 2020, 07:00

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